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Sandra ltb

love the December sketch - January's will be a challenge!


Love the multi photo layout. I always have more pictures than the one or two in most layouts. Can't wait!

Krista Hogenboom

I think this sketch will help me finish my Disney album! Thanks for the inspiration.

Andi Sexton

Yeah!!! I am loving the new format and the January sketch! In 2010 Project12 was my resolution and I did it! I'm saving it again for 2011!

I was never a 2page scrapbooker, and it has taken me about a 'year' to get into the Project12 'groove' - meaning, at the beginning it took forever to get a layout done, now they are coming together very fast! I am addicted!!
Thank you Becky, Davinie and Scrapbook and Cards Today!

Laura T.

Oh, I'm so excited for this. I have already listed this as one of my creative goals on my blog for 2011. Love the sketch and can't wait to work with it. I will be back sometime this month to post the link to my layout.


One of my goals for this year is to participate in this challenge! Hard to find time with a baby, but I think it will be manageable. Plus it is good motivation to get some scrapping done this year (even though I am still way behind from last year).

 Arlene B.

Planning on finishing project 12 2010 and starting 2011, love the fact that you have a whole year scrapped when you are done, without even having to think about it. Thank you for the inspiration.


So happy This is continuing. Happy New Year All!


Thank you for this. I have not ever submitted any of my l/os but have done all 12 of them ... with some effort for November, but I'm pleased it is now done!


Love this idea, have done it this past year, just with my own ideas. Plan to follow the sketches this year.
Would it be possible to get a title page sketch??
Also, we have to have the layout done the last day of the month? i.e. if we want to include pictures from the last day of the month there is not enough time to do it.


I only managed january in 2010, but will try to make it further this year! Thanks guys for the great inspiration!

Steffanie S.

I'm very excited to see the new sketch! This will be my fist time playing along with Project 12---wish me luck!


Thank you for the very last paragraph. I rarely have time to scrapbook the everyday stuff, which is what I thought project 12 (and 52 and 365) were about. But if I can use these sketches to peck away at a baby album or travel album without making it specific to events of that month, I am in!!!

Karin Daunoravicius

This is one of my goals this year too - With Baby #2 on the way mid-year this would make for a great time to document my family before and after the new arrival.


I would really like to participate this year... but I have the same question as Vanessa above: we submit the January page no later than the 28 of the same month which means that the last few days of January won't be featured on the January page, correct? (and the same is true for each month)


I just found your site and this Project 12 challenge couldn't come at a better time. My scrapbooking roots have gone by the wayside since I started designing cards. My goal for 2011 is to get back to the scrapbooks and complete an album for each of my five adult children for their 2011 Christmas present. These monthly sketches will really help me out. I can't wait to get started.


Vanessa and Nathalie: I just read her post over on her blog and it explains a little further that you are working a month behind so you would be posting January's layout by 2/28 and so forth. I was a little confused too but it makes more sense now!


That's what I was thinking Peg, but this has me thinking otherwise
"On the 1st of the next month (in this case February 1st) we will release February's sketch and showcase some of the January's sketches we received (remember by the 28th!)."


Right, those will be December layouts. Note that she shared November layouts on the January 1 post. It's all good. Go check out her post over on her blog. She's more explicit. :)


I love the January sketch! I am going to play along! Exciting!!!

Kirsty Angus

I have found several links to this site while hunting for a 2011 project and I really like the look of it. I haven't done a 2 pager like this for ages, so it'll be a different focus for 2011. I'm in!


Here is my take on the January sketch. I loved using this sketch to include 13 photos in all.


I was very excited to order a scrapbook last week with all of the digital pages I made with Project 12 last year. 2009 down so I'm moving onto 2008!
Here's my January sketch done:

Darla Weber

For some reason, I thought I had already posted my layout here, but I don't see it. I probably got interrupted while making my post. Go figure! Anyway...

Here is a link to my January layout:


chanel Purses

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