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Jennifer Roach

Thanks for tutorial Virginia! I've been wanting to make one of these for a while now :)


thanks for the tutorial!

Melissa D.

I love this idea! I really need to get a scoring board to make great projects like this one!


This is great! The ideas are endless!

Denise B

What an amazing idea! I definitely have to try this out. I'm just not sure what I'd fill all that space with!


So much fun!! Thanks for the tutorial :O)

Leah Crowe

Just the creative push I needed to do something crafty in the New Year. Thanks so much Virginia! Love your onion envies!

Here's mine.

Debbie Cornish

A neat project I can try with my new scoreboard. Thanks for the tutorial

Sandra ltb

thank you!
Sandra ltb


Thanks for the great tutorial! Now I have more things to do with my Scor-pal!


I must admit, I grabbed my paper and started this project as soon as I opened it. My first Valentine's Day card is done! Thanks so much for the inspiring and new idea.


This is really awesome. Thanks so much for the tutorial Virginia :)


Love the idea of this. I have family and friends out of state and this would work wonderfully for keeping them posted with our going on's. Thanks for the step by step.

Anne Marie B

What a wonderful project! Thanks for the detailed tutorial!

Penny Douphinett

I've never seen this before! Thanks for the great tutorial and the template downloads.

Gina H.

Wow what an awesome project! I love the papers you chose too. Thank you!

Joanna Johnson

I have a question--one that may make me sound like and idiot--but i don't get how to assemble it. I got everything cut out right, and each thing fits inside the other, but it seems like I made two envelopes and the tri-fold card. Do you put things inside each other, like envelopes, or are they folded up in steps, but not attached to each other? Are any pieces adhered together? I can't tell from the photos and haven't heard of an onion envelope before (although I get the idea they must "peel" like the layers of an onion). I need a little guidance! I really like the way the first photos look (the Christmas stuff) but can't figure out how to assemble it. Thanks!

Virginia Nebel

Hello Joanna!

Thanks for giving this project a try!

To assemble the onion envelope:

1) Open up the smaller envelope template. Apply adhesive to the inside centre panel and glue the the tri-fold accordion folder to this area first. Then fold in the flaps of the envelope (with the accordion folder glued inside)and set this packet aside.

2) Open up the larger envelope template. Apply adhesive to the inside centre panel and glue the envelope packet you just created in the previous step to this area.

3) Fold in the flaps of the larger envelope with everything tucked inside it. When you open it up, all the layers should unfold out.

Hope this helps, cheers!

Virginia Nebel


Beautiful onion envelope, your cousin will love it!

Great idea to use ribbon to tie the project together!

Little magnetic snaps by Basic Grey or Velcro squares can also be used to keep it neatly closed too.


Great tutorial.Thanks

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