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I am always looking for great photo inspiration- thank you so much. I love the reds against the whites. The shot of the swing is captivating. So much energy yet so soft and flowing. Thanks for sharing your work and inspiring me to take a few last winter shots before the much anticipated arrival of spring!


really neat photos....

Donna R

Wow! This is gorgeous! What great pictures for a scrapbook page too. Something to look back on when the heat of summer finally shows up.

Karen Osborn

Beautiful photos! Thanks for the inspiration!


What gorgeous photos! Thanks so much for sharing them! :o)


I can only agree, the photos look really awesome, but I´ll also agree to, that I´ve just had enough of it this year here myself. I´ve just been outside shooting a few pictures myself ½ hour ago, as it just started to snow really heavy here again this afternoon. I took the first heavy snowphotos on November 8th and now it´s MArch 9th, and we still have tons of snow, and that´s a bit more than anyone would like, I´m sure. MAybe I should follow Kathy´s example and make a beautiful frame with on of my photos too? It´s absolutely a stunning idea. Thanks sooo much for sharing it here.
Have a wonderful, hopefully soon sunny time everyone, and be careful out there in all the snow.

Kathy (krolski)

Beautiful photos!

Shirley N

Beautiful girls and photos!

Donna Rawbone

Excellent ideas. I am starting my winter pages today.
I am especially using your snow flake idea.


Beauty is all around us, depends on how we look at, but I am really tired of inching out of my driveway as I can't see around the 10 foot snowbanks. Ah life in the Maritimes!

Monique Ouellette

Kathy that was inspirational...finding a positive, in a negative situation. I too am from Canada, and I often ask myself why I choose to live in this climate. It's simple, it's beautiful, and the people are beautiful, and it's home!


Love the smiles on the girls - a real sign of happiness & togetherness.

Those special moments need to live on.....


Ah, snow.... I grew up in Canada, but now live in Australia. Now don't all shoot me, but the thing that I miss the most about Canada (besides my family, LOL) is the snow! These pictures are wonderful, and remind me of home. Thanks.


These are lovely photos! We have to find the good things about winter or we'd be nothing but crabby, house hermits,eh?!?!?!? However; spring can come any time now!!!
I just took a course on how to use my digital camera so I get better photos. So I am thrilled to get some new ideas!
Thank you!!!

Carolyn G.

Absolutely beautiful! I never would have thought of framing it like that! Really beautiful!

Cindy C.

These winter photos are so lovely! They sure makes me want to go out and take photos of the fresh fallen snow!


Such lovely winter photos!!! I grip about our winter weather, but really, it can be so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!!


Thanks so much ladies! I guess living where I live, you have to embrace whatever Mother Nature throws your way!!

Kathy Morrell

That's the kind of pictures I like to take also :) Odd yet beautiful nature pitures.

Laura Parkes

WOW, these are some awesome pictures! I always have such a hard time with snow pictures...I'm jealous! :)

Jeannine H

Love, love those photos. I really like winter photos and it gives me some ideas to try with our new camera! Thanks.

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