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melissa parkes

Following from FB



Anne Marie B

So exciting!!!! Happ opps not yet!


It's soooooooooooo exciting & you tease us just enough to keep us on the edge of our seats!!!

Joan Tipping

Looking forward to seeing you in the morning and to see what else tomorrow will bring.

Melissa Joyes

Ohhhh, can't wait until tomorrow! Practicing my "Happy Birthday"!

MaryAnn  Novakowski

This is so exciting. Happy Birthday SCT!
It seems like I've been waiting so long for the next issue!
Love your magazine and best wishes for many more.


I'll practice singing too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY.. Sorry didn't mean to scream..Till tomorrow.

Kathy D

Following you from Facebook!!

Gorgeous card!!!


Can't wait for tomorrow. Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday!!!!! I can't wait to get my issue in the mail.

Sherry Brumit

Ohhhh, I'd love to win some Pebble items!


wish I got my emails earlier...I always seem to be late with them. So I'll beat you to it- Happy birthday....

sandra robinson

Happy,Happy,Happy Birthday to you!!! Can't wait for tomorrow! So excited don't know if i can sleep!!!


Phew, thank goodness I got back from holidays in time to be here for the part-ay!!! Thanks for the excitement!!


Happy Birthday. Thought you were older, your magazine is so professional. Keep up the good work.

Cathy P in AZ

Can't wait for the Happy Birthdays to begin and to see what amazing creative stuff you have in store for all of us! :)

Corrinna Walker

Happy birthday tomorrow!! Can't wait for my issue to arrive in the mail!!


It's gonna be a happy morning!! Coffee and a new SCT issue!! Yippee!!

Matthew Chopp

I can't wait to see the surprise!

Lisa Elliot (a.k.a Sharpie)

Happy Birthday SCT!!

I am still very proud to have been in your very first issue.

LOVE the magazine and WOW! what a terrific following you have!


P.s. Hi Jen, long time no see


I can't wait to see what you've been working diligently on. Congrats and Happy Birthday!

Pat S

Tommorrow will be a great day!!!

Tina  M.

My vocal cords are all warmed up to sing Happy Birthday! Looking forward to seeing the surprise!


I can hardly wait for the surprise. Also love the Pebbles line.

Danette Munn

Soooo Excited!!! Took the day off work for it!!! Happy 5th Birthday!!!!

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