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Andi Sexton

Love the bucket list idea!!!!!

I noticed you have some '**' next to the 5 supplies and more photos... now I'm curious on what the footnote would have been!


Love the effect of vellum on the pp!

Erica Marshall

That's a great list! It's always good to challenge ourselves! Just a tip, on the 'sew a table runner', if you do it along a seasonal theme my recommendation would be to make it two sided as I did. Each runner represents two different months! My valentine's one just got flipped over for the St. Patricks Day design. Have fun!


Summer, I LOVE your page... the theme of the journalling, the use of the vellum... it's all fabulous. Thanks for the challenge and the inspiration! :)

Summer Fullerton

Thanks for the wonderful comments. Andi I wanted to let you know the ** were to remind myself to not take those items off my list. Who doesn't need to clean out their stash and take more photos right ;) - Have a great DAY!

Dale T (Australia)

Cool idea. Something to get you thinking.

Rachel Witthaus

Great idea. I'm definitely a lists person. My father-in-law used to laugh at me because I was always writing things down to remember. I know it's the only way it will get done!


Cute, Cute page and a good idea for the "then and now" pages. I think I'll borrow that idea!! I'll be making my bucket list of creative endeavors!!

Carol Metully

Now this is something I will do! If I've written something down, it gets done fster than if I don't. I love that it's NOT a must-do list but offers suggestions instead! Also a very inspiring (and adorable) layout too!

Diane Hover

A wonderful Idea......you have me thinking....love your page layout!!

Lori McCausland

Ya know, I STILL have some vellum from the "old days"...I haven't used it in a while and will need to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration!

Tanya R

Gorgeous project, I will have to try this out with photos of my 2 gals.

Cathy P in AZ

What a CUTE LO!!! Love the bucket list idea! I think I may have to make my own! :)


Thank you so much! This is just the inspiration I needed to complete a challenge I'm participating in! I love your Bucket List! :o)

Jeanne K

Boy some of those things can go on my list. Like emboss more. Take more pictures. I could go on and on. Thanks for the ideas!


That's so cool. . . last spring i decided to make a bucket list of all the things i wanted to accomplish in life. . . but I love the idea of catering the list to a specific subject. . . I am definitely on my way to making a "Bucket List" for my creative side. Thanks for sharing!

Kristen Ann

Love the bucket list idea. The "Clean out at least 5 things from my scrap supplies" will probably have to be at the top of my list...and in the middle...and at the end!


I love this idea of a "Bucket List"! I think I am going to make one of my own.....tfs

Erica Salmans

A scrapbook bucket list is a genius idea. I'm going to create one too. There are so many techniques I see out there but I forget about them when it comes time to create.

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