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can't wait to see it all! ... ps. i went with white :)


A very eye-catching cover and layout

Megan A

can't wait to see it! the cover is beautiful either way, but I went with white

Karen R

I choose white it just seems to jump out at us better!


Loved them both, but I prefer white... ;)

Jenny A

Love them both but I voted for white!

Laura T.

I liked both covers, but I picked pink to go with the pink in the layout.


Can't wait to see it....the cover is absolutely beautiful!

Cindy d

White, definitely! Would love to get my hands on it whether it's white or pink!

Vidette Benn

What a pretty cover. I can't wait to see the magazine.

Jamie Greene

I love pink but white looks the best!!


Gorgeous! Happy 5th birthday too. . .I went with pink, hehe ;D


It was really hard to decide, I liked them both but thought for spring the pink was more suitable. Can't wait to receive my copy. LOVE the magazine!!!!


I voted white, but I will read any and all S&T issues in any colour! ;-)


I like the white except for the fact that it fades off to the right, so I went with the pink. They are both beautiful anyway.


Really prefered the white letters. The cover looks great!

Celeste B.

Great spring cover. It was tough to decide but I think I like the brightness of the pink better.

Lynn Ghahary

love 'em both! i went with white because i loved the contrast. although i don't think you can go wrong with either color. can't wait to see this issue in full! lynn :)

Kathy (krolski)

Wow, I love this cover! Can't wait to see this issue!


Can't wait to see the issue -- both covers are great -- went with white

Julie Mitchell

Funny how it's 50-50 so far. Personnally, I like to surround myself in pink since I am surrounded by boys!! I also wish all the whiteness around me melts away!! Pink or white title, I know it will still be a great issue.

Cheryl C.

I like the white.


I think the pink looks more dynamic...


Oh I love the Pink! Too mch white in th world, so color mine PINK!!!


I am a complete pink-a-holic so of course...I chose pink!! Love your magazine, blog and the giveaways. Keep up the beautiful work!

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