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oh my goodness-such fabulous prizes! Happy NSD!!!!

Jamie Greene

WOW! That was a long post indeed, but full of great tips and scketches and inspiration!! Happy NSD:)

Lee Currie

Holy smokes, that was fabulous! Just when I was wondering what to do today :) I'll definitely incorporate a lot of these ideas into my layouts today. Thanks so much!

Janie Boots

What awesome prizes and what wonderful inspiration thank you so much ladies.. Happy NSD to everyone and Happy Mother's Day..


Awesome tips and LOADS of inspiration! Happy NSD!


What a fabulous prize pack this is, you have really outdone yourself. Whoever wins this is in for some fantastic inspiration. WOW!!! Thanks for all the tips and ideas on today's blog. Could this site get any better.


Fantastic post!!!! Lots of great sketches (which I love); loads of tips and AMAZING inspiration!!! SCT you have outdone yourself; until next time of course. Awesome prize pack! Happy NSD SCT!!!!


What a fabulous post! Thanks for all the wonderful, inspiring ideas. What great prizes! Happy NSD!


Happy NSD! Thanks for the inspiring creations shared here and for the chance tow win a great giveaway! ;-)

Sue C

Happy NSD to everyone! What a spectacular post with such great inspirational cards and layouts. I know there are quite a few that I am going to try out myself.

Thank you for the opportunity to win an awesome prize and good luck to everyone!


Happy NSD!!! What a way to celebrate...great layouts...thanks for the inspiration!


Thanks for the great tips and sketches. That's an amazing prize.

Shirley Fread

Happy NSD! The projects are awesome and so very inspirational. What a great way to start NSD! Thanks for the chance to win an awesome giveaway!

Andra Donbrook

Wow! So many things to celebrate! Great new ideas! Great news about the Crop & Create (I'm in Regina, so I'm excited that you'll have one in Saskatoon!!) and an amazing prize package! :)

I love it all! Thanks for a fun way to start the day!!!

Marie / Legojenta

Oh. My. Gosh - what GREAT prizes! Thank you so much for all of the inspiration today and the chance to win this fabulous prize!! I'm off to go look for old stick pins now =)


Congrats on the wonderful news of the Crop & Create event! That's wonderful! I look forward to attending in Calgary when it's here. Love all the inspiration this morning! Great sketches Becky!

Shannon V.

WOW!!!!!! I love all the projects! Great inspiration as always!

Melissa Bove

Wow! What a fabulous post!! So much awesome inspiration! Thank you!

And what an amazing giveaway!! Wowzers! Awesome!

Happy NSD everyone!!

Rhonda duncan

This is all very exciting, I am new to your blog and can say I am absolutely smitten with it! Happy nod to all!

Cherie Goyer

I love what everyone shared! I am so excited for this weekend, the weather is crummy so I will be scrappin! Thanks for the inspiration.

Erin Bassett

What awesome projects! Happy NSD!!!

Jennifer Hall

Love the layouts you have posted! And great prizepack!!!

I hope you come to NB


Wow! That is all I can say about all this awesome prizes. I would absolutely love to win any of them!


Unbelievable! Some of these projects are soo great, I want to hang them on my walls!

Nancy L.

i agree, one of the longest but also one of the best :)
lots of inspiration and eye candy!!

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