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Cindy N

Whoot! Whoot! What an amazing prize! This machine looks awesome and I oh so, love to win it. Thanks Spellbinders and Scrapbook and Cards Today.

Sheree Delaney

What a great prize!. i love punches and this brings it to a new level. The new magazine looks fantastic, can't wait to get the actual copy.
You always offer amazing prizes!

Sharon Jaeger

I love Lisa Dickinson's layout with the white frames. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for the chance to win this tool from Spellbinders. Looks like a fantastic addition to my tool collection!!

Stephanie Schan

Awesome! Love the layout from Lisa Dickinson!

Anna Petitt

I love the 3 T's for sure and that celebrate Bird was fantastic!! Love all the new paper lines coming out and that Spellbinders punch! Whooo weee!

kathy (krolski)

What an awesome prize! I absolutely love the LO on the front cover. So cute!

Diana Fisher

Just downloaded my copy. So excited to dive in. Cover looks fabulous!!

Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

Wow, can't wait to download and look at it. Love Spellbinders so I am hoping I can win this. Thanks for the chance.


Just downloaded my copy!!! Can't wait to read it. Love Spellbinders I would be every so excited to win this!


Wow, I love the chance to win! I always get the best ideas from your magizine. The punch looks so asome to try. My fingers are certainly crossed. Thank you!


can't wait to read the tips out of this issue.


What a cutie on the cover. It looks amazing. Can't wait to download the new issue to my I Pad tonight since my subscription copy is held up with the mail strike. Thanks for the chance to win the new Spellbinders punch. Would love to win.

Celeste B.

The Presto Punch sounds awesome. I'd love to win one.


Can't wait to see the color suite sounds fun!! ....darn mail!! can't wait to get my hands on my copy and I'm not peeking till I have it in my grubby little hands...well!! I may have to cheat a little lol
Happy Friday All : )

Janet Zeppa

What a wonderful prize! I'd love to give it a try.


Since I won't be getting my copy in the mail for a bit due to this strike, I am so thankful I can download it. I am looking forward to trying Vicki's ideas, as I love making my own notebooks! And what an awesome prize giveaway!!


I am waiting too for my paper copy. I would so love to win the Presto Punch and the year's subscription for Scrapbook and Cards Today. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Angela Fehr

I'm downloading the issue as I write and how I would love to win a Presto Punch! Can't wait to check out that colour challenge as well!

Gail L.

I won't be getting my copy for a day or two because of the strike, so checked it out online!
I always like the three designer challenge.
I love how they do their different takes on the page, and they all end up amazing!
I have just recently discovered Spellbinders (nestabilities, etc!), so think this is an awesome giveaway!
Thanks for the chance!

Cherie Goyer

Awesome!!! I would LOVE to win!


I love the candid photo tips!! Oh, and this giveaway of course!

Heather V

Can't wait to get my Summer copy! It looks amazing!


WOOT WOOT what an awesome prize. I would die t be the lucky winner of this one ha ha ha. And I´m just downloading the new mag right now, so I can´t wait to spemd te evenng wotjh that as well, so it can only be a good evening here tonight ha ha ha. Thank you so much for all your great shsares here.


I love this summer issue especially it has equal boy's layouts for inspiration and the cover page is definitely a much attracted layout page.


Wow!! Awesome giveway!! It will be such an awesome bday gift if i won! hehehe I always love the 3I's! It gives me some fantastic inspirations.

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