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Thx for this tip!! I wondered how people do this :)

Brianne Goyette

what a fantastic tip! thanks so much for sharing

Kelly Sas

Oh my goodness, thank you so very much for this tutorial post!!! Huge help!


Agreed, this is an excellent tip

Tracey G

Thanks for the tip! Looking forward to trying it!


Great tip. Thanks.


thank you for the great tip! these are always helpful and screen shots are great too!

Cindy C.

Such a clever idea, thanks for sharing!

Angie Olson

So...would Microsoft Word be basically the same? I don't have the other programs.

doreen Moore

great tip. thands so much.

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I usually use the computer to add my journaling - often strips, or journaling blocks but I also like to use journaling spots or tags. It can be a little trickier to add journaling using a computer to them but it's not impossible! Here's a few tips that I use:...


What a brilliant idea. I always wondered how to computer print on the lines of pre made tags.

Thanks for the tip.

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Wonderful page! So many artsy touches!

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