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Monika Wright

You know I love mini anything and I always look forward to your trend spotting. I might just have been convince to purchase items at your suggestion! ; )

Michele V

i'm mostly a card maker and I love the pads of paper - mostly because it keeps matching stock together in one place making it easier for me! looking forward to seeing the layouts!

Tammy Lever

I love the 6x6 paper packs! I'm so glad that someone listened. They are my biggest obsession right now! Your mini's are awesome!

Elizabeth P

Have always used mini's when making cards. Sccraps are more manageable, and the patterns are just right for what I want to do. I only buy full size if I'm altering something larger, or if I happen to be scrapping, which is rare for me, or if it's good cardstock and I use the full size for card fronts or full cards.

alexandra s.m.

Super cute cards Emily!
Thank you ~


Great cards! I don't usually make gift cards, I'm into b-day, anniversary....I have a large family and I enjoy creating cards to match personalities and hobbies:) I just LOVE the paper pads. My gf and I share them all the time!! Greatest thing for us card-makers!!

Lorrie Everitt

I agree ... I love the mini pads of paper the best for scrapbooking, card making and mixed media. I love that the patterns are smaller and that you get all of the matching papers but the best part is that the smaller pads are not as expensive as the 12x12 collection packages and you usually end up using every single piece of paper.

Donna Rawbone

I do both cards and scrap booking. Great idea for the small pad which I will use with both.
Thanks for the ideas.


I love 6X6 paper pads! I participate in an online Scripture Challenge and all my layouts are 6X6! They're the perfect size! :o)

Lorraine M.

I have quite a few mini pads. I can't wait to see how you use the smaller pages on your sb layouts!

Christine Cox

I love these 6 x 6 pads, but cannot find them where I live. Nobody even knows what I am talking about! The patterns work so much better for cards.

Carrie P

I'm a cardmaker and I love these! So very glad they listened!

Andrea R

I am addicted to these smaller paper pads. Love them for card making and also for scrapping. Some patterns are overpowering on a lo but these patterns are not as large and are well suited for scrapbooking too.

S. Patterson

If I get a 12x12 paper collection, I like to get a matching 6x6. I like to make most of my own embellishments, and it is really hard to cut into a new sheet of 12x12 for just a couple of flowers or a tag. I also make cards and mini albums so a 6x6 never goes to waste !

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