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I´m afraid, it would take a lot more patience and practice, than I can manage to get that far with my handwriting, as it´s really terrible and noone can ever read it, so don´t think, that would be much fun to anybody LOL. But we can do soo much on a computer these days, so that´ll have to do for me ha ha ha.
But thanks for a great article here, it was sooo inspirating to read.

Rhonda V.

Super great tips Laina! I just started doing the pencil trick and just adore those Doodlebug fonts as well!!!

Thanks for the super article!!!

Kathy Martin

Lainas projects and handwritting ROCK!

Silvia Diaz

I really enjoyed this article. I often struggle with my handwriting and how it "looks". Thanks for the tips!

Rosie N.

Fabulous l.o.'s Laina!!! Love the handwritten journaling!! I always hand journal-can't be bothered to turn on the computer and the printer, lol. It's not always the neatest but it gets the story told and that's the goal at the end of the day for me :)

Anita Scroggins

I have always hand journaled and I am so glad that so many others are doing the same. Some of my most precious possessions are my grandmothers recipes - written in her barely readable chicken scratch. Here is an album I just finished that has tons of journaling in it. And I won second place at the State Fair of Texas Creative Arts Competitions for it - super excited about that! http://theflamingochronicals.blogspot.com/2011/08/texas-state-fair.html

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