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Donna Rawbone

Very interesting. I always start with pictures first as I take so many of my daugher's triplets and have many stories to tell about each page. I liked reading all your ideas which gave me new ideas too.

Joyce Charney

Thanks Marnie for your constant inspiration! I am a mostly photo first scrapbooker, but it often ties with the journalling. It's great to get pointers on all three types, and to "rev" up my creative juices with ideas!

Aspen Peggs

I love your clean lines!

Amy K

The new Saturday content sounds terrific. I can't wait to see what great things are here each Saturday as well.
Great layouts on this post.
I am mostly a photo first scrapper, and then a story first scrapbooker. No matter what I always have a story to tell with every layout.

Monika Wright

It's always a joy to see Marnie creations!

Lorraine M.

This is a fabulous post. Love that we can all be more successful at the type of scrapping we do, and that we can do any of them! Thank you. I'm bookmarking so that I can re-read.

emily pitts

i love sitting and listening to you talk about scrapbooking. you are awesome.

Jacquelin G

Thanks for a really great post - lots of good stuff - I love write*click*scrapbook!

manon corbeil

What a great ''article'', it will help with future layouts.

Thank you !

Debbie C.

Interesting points to consider for each type of scrapping.


thank you everyone for your kind comments!! i appreciate your taking the time to read and comment!!

Sav O'G

I'm all over the place when I scrap--so this was fun seeing where you find your inspiration and how you scrap:)

Annabella Merlin

How do I start scrapbook? I usually start with a picture and less frequently with a story. Let's admit it we tend to remember things when we have a picture in hand. And most pictures looks great if it weren't scripted. :)


I love visiting WCS and find something interesting each time! Thanks for this article pointing out the many different ways to approach my favorite hobby!!!

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No offense, but if there's a facebook like button, it'll be much easier for me to share.

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