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Becky Fleck

A very nice tribute, SCT


Thank you!

Debbie C

A very nice honour today.

Shirl Boughner

it's so nice that you did this tribute today. Thanks so much.

Janet Zeppa

So wonderful!


Thank-you for doing that, as Canadians(or Americans), we should be grateful to all the vets, and those performing peackeeping duties. Remember.

Mary Clayton

As the daughter of a British WW2 vet and for all the others I thank-you.

Cindy Lou

My hat is off in tribute to those who fight/or have fought for love, honor, freedom and safety. Thank you all! Thank you SCT for honoring them also.

Melinda T

Thank you for the tribute! I am one of many Americans who is eternally grateful for those who serve!

JoAnn B.

A wonderful tribute, thank you. I am grateful to all those who serve and have served, my husband being one of those.

Arlene Lachapelle

Thanks so much for doing this tribute.


Our little community lost one of it's own.
A young man Private Tyler William Todd
His loss brings so much more meaning to remembrance day for me


A touching tribute to our fallen soldiers as well as as those who still serve. Thanks you.


What a nice tribute to our fallen soldiers. We attended a service here in Chatham which was very well attended. My thoughts are always with my mother's youngest, and favorite, brother, Frank Harvey Willett, who died in action at age 23 in Italy, Sept 1944.


What a truly wonderful give-away!!! My Dad fought in WWII, was a POW & saw some mighty terrible things. Yet he has maintained a very postive attitude about life! He manned a poppy box for the last 2 wks at one of the service centers on Hwy 401. I had lunch with him a couple of times & was so moved by all the people who came by not only to buy a poppy but to shake his hand & thank him for the our freedom. Also the staff at the A&W purchased his lunch & coffee each day he was there. He was well looked after, I had no worries for my 88 yr old father while he was there... a nice peace of mind.
Thank you for thinking of ALL of our vets.


The poppy means so much and the poem "In Flanders's Fields" has inspired many a country to adopt this symbol of freedom. I am so thankful for my rights as a free Canadian and thankful for those men and women who maintain those rights I often take for granted.

Melanie P

Thank you to all our veterans and active duty men and women, fighting and peacekeeping, so that we may remain free and exercise our rights as individuals. You will always be remembered.

Carol M.

Thank you for such a lovely tribute! So many memebers of my family have served in the armed forces and I am grateful for each of them. In a country that offers us so much freedom and rights, it's an honor for me to be able to thank each of them.


Beautiful tribute!

Casey Toney

beautifully written


A really awesome poem. Thanks so much for this tribute. It means a lot to people all over the world.

Liz Rempel

Thank you for doing this, as the daughter of a WWII vet, I miss him the most on November 11, he never missed a parade until the day he died and was so proud. If I think of my dad, I always think of him on Remembrance Day, wearing his medals and marching as proudly on the day he enlisted at 20 years of age! I miss him so much....

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