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A mystery box sounds good to me :)

Melinda T

Ooh, I love mystery boxes! And keeping my fingers crossed, I'd love to win it!

Joan Ostler

Life is a bit of a mystery so what better way to cataloge it than with a mystery box to make it more exciting. Hoping!


What a great way to end the year with a mystery that I can deal with!!!


Do you do any crop and creat in BC

Michelle Galloway

What a great idea...a mystery box....sounds fun! Sorry I'm going to miss crop and create...some of the classes sound awesome!

scrapper al

Ohhh, the best kind of mystery! Sounds like an awesome event.

Sharon Peele

Wish I was going to the Crop & Create Markham, it sounds like a lot of fun!!

Claudia S

The goodie box sounds like a good way to end the year. Thanks to all the staff at SCT for a fun filled year! Happy New Year!


goodies and mysteries...what a great match!

Rhonda H

LOVE the sneaks! Could you tell me what manufacturer makes the cute little calendar and local weather journaling spots? I have never seen these before, and living in the southern US, can't make it to Crop and Create. Thanks for the info and inspiration!


Yeah for great sounding goodies! Looking forward to Crop & Create! Two more weeks... the countdown begins!;)

Shahada K.

Very much looking forward to Crop and Create Markham. Thanks for all the hard work the SCT crew are putting into this event. Must get started packing my scrapbook projects!


Thank you for sharing.

Markham Flower Shop

If you are ready for an event celebrating papercrafting with some amazing teachers and some great on site shopping with The Scrapping Turtle and the Memory Keeper, be sure to register for Crop & Create Markham TODAY! (You can also register for Crop & Create Winnipeg which is filling up very fast and for those on the east coast.

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