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Susan DR

I have to laugh at not using paper because I love it. That is so me! I have a huge paper collection yet I am hesitant to use so many of my papers in case I think of something better to do with them. Thanks for putting this "condition" in writing and giving me the push I need to start using my stash. After all, there will always be more paper that I "need" and love!

JoAnn B.

That sounds like me also. I always think maybe I might use them later in a better way. I am getting a little better at using them as I have such a large stash of papers. Love the layout.

Sheena Vert

I am so like that!! I love my paper and the idea of cutting it , never! You are so right I need to just use it and enjoy it. I have all this lovely paper and it is just collecting dust instead of making memories. I love the picture of your beautiful daughters, very angelic!

Joan Tipping

My goodness! I thought I had the only hoard of beautiful paper. Thank you for being honest and making me realize how silly I have been, today I will put scissors to paper! Thanks for sharing the beautiful layout of your daughters.


Gorgeous layout!


Oh, how true. Getting a little better as I have more and more favs so it isn't quite so catastrophic to cut into one. Always worry I'll never find a replacement, which you won't find the same one again but there's always a new great one. If something really tickles my fancy I buy several now so that I can feel alittle more free about cutting into it.


Using up my paper stash is my new year resolution. I have way to much stuff and so far it has been fun. I have made 6 layouts, 9 cards and 3 home decor projects without buying any paper, just a couple of embellishments to go with what I had. I Found making up kits of matching stuff is helping me a lot.

Thanks for the encouragement!


So hard to cut up the paper's I love.

Here is a LO where I did them justice (I think ;). Love this MME line!



A wise person once said: use your pretty paper they will make more. I try to remember that and it makes it so much easier to use up some of my pretties.

Laurie W

It is hard to use the paper let alone cut it up...but I eventually use it and I am so glad that I have thanks for sharing this post


Thank you so much! Such a relief knowing that I am not the only one who can't let go. I'm going to work on this habit when doing my next layout!

Ruth G

I love how you used the four papers and you still could do 4 more pages with the leftovers! Great idea! I try to buy an entire collection so that one paper doesn't weigh on me so heavily. Then I use it for scrapping an album for one event that fits the collection best or I'll make cards with those coordinating papers for people whom I care about the most.

Jill W.

I totally laughed to myself when I saw the title for this post. I am such a scardie and a hoarder!

Nicole Doiron

Your layout makes me happy too! I think it's the banner - they're just so much fun! :) In fact, i just made a layout myself that makes me extremely happy and it has a couple banners on it too. I cannot reveal it on my blog just yet because the DT reveal is only on the 30th, but here is the preview (i HOPE this will work - if not, well, i'll just have to come back on the 30th and link it again!)



He he he he this sounds exactly like me he he . I hate to cut in really beautiful paper, and now I´ve begun to buy doubble of those, I really love a lot, so I´m sure I have one to save too he he he.
Your LO is absolutely awesome and I think, it shows, that I just have to get on and use some of these wonderful papers too, so they can be enjoyed even more LOL:

Creative Mine by Maria

woah! For a minute I thought this blog was going to be about me....yeah I'm a paper hoarder. I have many that I just can't stand to cut into...the right oppurtunity shall come upon me! LOL Thanks for this I really needed to know I am not the only one with paper issues LOL!
I have a huge paper collection yet I am hesitant to use so many of my papers in case I think of something better to do with them.

Pamela McGillin

I'm not, not using it because I love it. I'm not using it because I'm saving it for that one special layout, you know the one that I don't exactly know what it is, but I'm ready because I have the perfect paper...lol

Kathy S

Hello my name is kathy and I am a paper hoarder isn't that what we should be doing like a papers anonymous or something you hit the nail on the head with this topic and I am still going to keep some of my papers to feel and look at until that right project comes along :)


ALWAYS afraid to cut my favourite papers ... ALWAYS :(

Kathy P

I used to do that, but no more...that's how I ended up with lots and lots of old papers while I kept buying more and more.....now I try to use everything! Love what you did here, and I am glad you hopped on the banner craze, cuz that one is terrific!

Karen Conner

I love all the paper that I buy! That's why I buy it. I really wanted to try the peek-a-boo technique-so this link up involves one of my fav papers as well as favorite technique: http://www.krcmasterpiece.blogspot.com/2011/09/get-picky-sketch-12.html

Andrea Jeanne

Too funny. I thought that I was the only one with a "paper problem". This started for me years ago when I would buy wrapping paper and then not use it...fast forward and here I am now still collecting paper only now it comes in many sizes. I am going to take the plunge and start using my special papers on cards and lo's for special people.


OH, this article really spoke to me! I have reams of paper that I hoard and can't bring myself to use! I used to make fun of my grandmother who had drawers full of new clothes and then wore sweaters with holes in them...but I'm doing the SAME THING! Have really made an effort to just take the plunge and use all those fabulous papers...so that they are in albums where I can really enjoy them!


Me too!!!! But with all the new papers coming out this year, my New Year's Resolution was to use up as much of my paper stash as possible, so I could start all over again. As a result, the number of pages I've completed over the last month is about 10 times more than a year ago. (of course being snowed in for a few days helped) Yippee!! Now I have room for more paper.


I used to have a store -- my motto was use it! The next release can only be better! But guilty...I have quite a stash, by as I sort thru I know what project I brought it home for.... someday is here I better get to work!

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