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Patricia Bryngelson

I so wish I could be there.

Maria Therese

Oh you must have so much fun ♥


can't wait to see all the new "toys"

Kathy P

Thanks so much for sharing these awesome photos from the floor of CHA, for those of us who cannot attend! So many cool things to see...and can't wait to see what else you have to show us!

Barb C

Thanks for sharing the photos with us! Love all the new products!

Anita Mulcahey

Thanks so much for sharing with us. <3

Lara Walker

Thanks for sharing with us stuck at home! GORGEOUS stuff!!!


I'm having a serious case of CHA envy! Fun stuff!

Katherine L

OMG! So many cute things. I would be in heaven and want to take it all home! Thank you for letting us take a look!


Thanks for sharing! ;-)


Ph boy It must be so great to be there and see it all with your own eyes? I´m so jealous LOL.
Have a lot of fun there thoug. he he

Nancy Bourdeau

Oh my.. lots of pretty pretties there! Very nice booth!

Anelsie Ramos

Thanks for sharing! This is so exciting!!!! Wish I was there!!!
Can't wait to see more pictures!!!!


Thanks for sharing!


So much eye candy!! I am horribly jealous!! Thanks for sharing pictures!!


Look at all that crafty goodness!!!


It makes me feel like I almost there. Thanks so much for sharing.


Geeeeeeez it sucks to be you, eh??? I am envious!!!
Thanks for being so good to share!
Have fun & enjoy!


Thank you for sharing! Wish I was there!!!

Melinda T

Ooh, looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!


Oh this must be fun! Love those Maya Road flowers

Bethany Becker

Love the pics. Looks like fun.

Maria S ' Sweden

One of my biggest dreams is to visit CHA!!!! Just walking around looking at all these good stuff and feel the atmosphere!!! What a dream!!!
Maria - in snowy Sweden...


Love the flowers in the Live laugh Love bottles. They were great. So many new things to see. Someday CHA will be in the PNW and maybe I'll get to go and drool at all the new products. Good thing I got a part-time job so I can spend it on scrapbooking supplies. Thanks for the wonderful pics.

ruth tacoma

Oh how fun! Looks like a great time!

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