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Vanessa Blythe

does it still count if we make a layout without the "borrowed" part?
I don't think I could find anyone to borrow from.

Jenny Pedwell

it looks very interesting!

Becky Fleck

What a great kick off to this new feature. Super job, Kelly! LOVE LOVE LOVE the block style of your layout!


this would be really COOL to play along.. great page with fun elements.

Barbara Staradumsky

I love the idea of this new challenge series! I am always getting new things and the old gets pushed back..even though the old might be beautiful. What a wonderful idea to incorporate the two!

Donna Rawbone

Great idea. I have problems getting and using my old stuff since I got my cricut. I hope it will work for me.

Sharon Gullikson

I LOVE the idea of using old and new together. I have so much "old" stuff, I need to use it. And I like that you are trying to get people to use what they already have (in addition to buying more new stuff, of course). It's refreshing...

Sandy Liles

Hmmm, thinking I might have to "borrow" something from my teenage daughter. She collects lots of things and surly I can find something to use on a LO.


It's a wonderful page and concept Kelly! I think I may try and play along with this. Though, the borrowed part may not be fulfilled. I don't have anyone nearby to borrow from. Still it is a great way for me to use my stash!

Nancy Bourdeau

Kelly said something borrowed from wherever you can get it...so I'm borrowing a button or two from my husband and kids..can also borrow an odd piece of jewelry to attach to my layout, or a tag from a piece of clothing etc. there's lots of 'non-scrapbooking' things we can borrow to embellish our layouts, hehehe..I think my daughters jewelry box is a good place to start..lots of spare parts there! Good luck girls!

Glenda Thorne

thanks for giving me some inspiration to start the new year, love the layout and idea, now to buckle down and actually get a page done!

Kathy P

What a great page, Kelly! Love your blocking and journaling so much! This is a great motivational challenge and one I am going to look forward to every 1st of the month!

April W

This sounds so cool!! It's too bad I don't have any local scrappy friends to borrow from or I could play along. :( It'll still be a really neat thing to see from you each month though!
- April W


Love this idea!! I have so much retired DSP to use but which will I choose??? Better get started!

Jenny Kozar

I love your page! What a great idea.


What a great idea! And I do not even scrap, just make cards...hmmmm....not sure how cool I am or if I can easily borrow though...

Gina H.

I love this as well! I am wondering how the words were done, though, they look like they were printed out?? Any help anyone?

Kelly Goree

Thanks so much everyone! I'm really excited about this!
Which words are you speaking of, Gina? I'll help if I can :)


Very cool idea! This will be so good for me, cuz I have a ton of old stuff to use before I can justify buying new stuff! Can't wait it give it a whirl!


Love it and I have thought about it for months.. I will try this one..


Very cute layout! TFs

Michelle Galloway

Awesome Idea....love the colours you used and all the great details to the layout!

Carol Metully

What a great idea!! I've been scrapping for over 14 years and think I still have some stuff from back then!! This will be a great way to use it..my "resolution" will be to use my stash!!


I have been doing this for my Christmas cards for a few years now because I have soooooo much stash!

Glenda Thorne

Got my 2012 page completed and thanks for the great idea and inspiration. I have it sitting on my scrapbook table to remind me everyday.

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