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Congrats on your first book! Scrapbooking and reading are my two favorite past times. My best friend and I live states apart from each other -- one way we keep in touch is to read the same book and blog about it. I am very much looking forward to suggesting your book as our next read.


I just got back from a couple of days spent with gals I used to work with over 30 yrs ago (eeeks). It does not matter how long since our last visit - we can just pick up & gab (till 4 am) like we just saw each other last wk. It was sooo good just to leave all my different hats at home & just go have a great time & LOTS of laughs. It is so good for my soul to do this from time to time (never often enough).
Courtney - I have to tell you I don't normally purchase books - tend to read the ones from the library. However, I will be watching out for your novel to purchase or put it on my wish list for Mother's day. I pray the sales go well. I have a friend who's an author & the hardest part is not the writing, eh? It's getting the right person/company to get your book in the stores.
All the best to you.

Anita A


Laura Cox

Congrats on your release!!! I'm looking forward to reading it! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!


Sounds like a great read!

Tara k.

Congrats on your first novel,looking forward to reading it

Laura T.

Sounds like a great book. Thanks for a chance to win.


O wow! An author who appreciates our craft - what a great combo. Will keep an eye out for this book. Thanks for a chance to win one!


Amazing, how creativity can found from paper to writing and vice versa!!! Wishing you well on your book and others to follow!!!


Congrats Courtney!

Chris Ketterling

I 'm looking forward to reading your book!

Beth Hallgren

Wow! So cool. Congratulations. Can't wait to read it :)

annette burton

This looks like a fantastic book! Congrats!

Carol Metully

Courtney, you've hit my heart strings with your novel. Over my many years of life, I've had friendships come & go. But there are a couple of gals that mean so much to me! That I will never leave their side or them mine. Can't wait to read this and the next ones also.

Heather Robertson

sounds like a fun read - I'd love to win a copy

Amy E.

What A fun giveaway! I look forward to reading it!

Robin McQuillan

I'm thinking that my scrapbook friends could have a book club reading of this book. What a great idea for a novel!

Dana Cheney

I have been a Courtney Walsh fan for years and have her scrapbook books, I can't wait to read her book! Thanks for the chance to win!


What an interesting topic. You must be so excited about your book. Congratulations on your achievement. I would love to read it and give you a review.


Congrats on the book!

Florence Unrau

Congratulations Courtney! Along with scrapping, cardmaking, crosstitching I also love to read. It sounds like a great read and I would love to win a copy. But if not, is your book available in Canada? I would be happy to purchase a copy.

Naomi H.

Congrats on your novel. It sounds like a wonderful book!

Courtney Walsh

You guys, I'm just recovering from my launch weekend and had to swing by and thank you for all the sweet comments!! They just made my night!! :) Maybe tomorrow night too!

And thank you, Catherine for sharing! :)

Lisa Harvey

I hope this is coming to Adelaide, Australia! I can't wait to read it. Congratulations xoxox

Amber M.

A novel about scrapbooking? It just doesn't get any better than that!!! Thank you, Courtney! I would love a chance to win :)

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