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Kathy P

Cool sketch, and I will get to play with it today!

Ruth G

I love the card on the cover of the new Page Maps! Pinned it!!!!!


Wow another Cardmaps book. Can't wait till it's available. Fun design and love the cover of the book. Thanks

Bev W.

helped out with the 9,000 Facebook fans! Love the card on the cover♥

Alexia Misso



Awesome sketch here, I can sure see some possibilities in this one. might give it a try if I can finish my ongoing project here in time.


Ooh ... Angry birds and Facebook ... What a great combination ... I love them like I love SCT!


Hi Becky! Took a bit of struggle to make that circle (looks easy....but...LOL), and if you follow me to my Blog, you'll find my card! Thanks for the challenge! And thanks for the sketch Kelly!


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