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I LOVE what you did with the tray! Gorgeous! ;o)


Wow, that's really great:)


WOUW this is absolutely gorgeous, and I just so love this tray here, really awesome. I´ve made many crazy projects from my scrapbin, but never thought of anything like this, I have to admit, but it+´ll definitely be on my mind next time, that´s for sure. I just love the idea here. Thanks so much for sharing it.


That book sounds fantastic.


AMAZING and all the colors are FABULOUSE!!!!


Love Vicki's Book. I'm having so much fun playing with it. In fact with the rain we're having today, it's a good excuse to play somemore.

Kathy S

I throw hardly anything away except the backing of double sided tape- which I am trying to work out how to use somehow. The people in my class laugh because I insist they put all their scraps no matter how small or what shape into a kitty tray I keep for that purpose- but they are all thankful when they need just a small piece of a particular colour or a certain texture- they just go to the tray and generally find it


I have a TON of left over scraps... I never throw anything away!! I just need to start using some of it, so maybe I'll have to start following your blog & see how you do & maybe it will motivate me to do the same!! :-)

Renee VanEpps

My problem is I hoarde my bits and pieces too!! LOL. I do need to challenge myself to use it, maybe tomorrow?!!!!

Brenda Rutherford

I won Becky's Page Maps 2 at the Crop and Create in Saskatoon so I would love to win this latest book to complete my collection.

Carol M.

This is a great idea! I save everything!! But the idea of putting just a week or month's worth of "scraps" in a baggie and use just them for a project excites me!! Thanks Vicki for sharing your thoughts!

Karin Bourne

My daughter and I have often challenged ourselves to ONLY use our scrap bin for projects because it is often full of our favourite papers anyways! If there was a show for scrapbook HOARDERS we would be on it---we have a tough time throwing out the smallest piece of paper!!


I do this with my scraps all the time. I have a cute box I got a Michaels for around $2.00. Toss all die cuts, extra borders, last bits, even ribbon inches. Then when the box is full, I go to a crop at Michaels and let others use the stuff while I make cards for OWH. We all have a great time and they love the stuff. I have even been offered money for the left overs and I told her to donate a sack of cards for OWH, she could have it. TFS

Just A Pac Rat

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