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Renee VanEpps

Looks like a blast!!! Congrats on 11K!!!!


Think I could justify a trip from ontario out for that? I got a brother to visit and stay with? Looks so fun! Guess I'll save my pennies for supplies!

Janet B

It was tons of fun! You girls rock! Thanks to all the sponsors, too.

Melinda T

Looked like it was so much fun! The food looked delicious too! :D

Dorina D

WOW! That looks like so much fun. Can't wait till Burnaby. I'm so looking forward to it.


Oh, I so want to live on the west coast, where all the scrappin' fun is! Looks like you all had a blast!


Oh my goodness I had the most amazing time !!! I don't think I've laughed so much for so long :-)))

Ps-- the pics posted were from Chantal Anderson's camera .. I was too busy playing Picture with me!!

Hopefully well see you in the fall at another cc event


Wow -- wish I could attend one of these fun and fabulous events. So much joy and inspiration!

Shannon Miller

That looked like so much fun. And those strawberries....OH MY!!! What inspiration you all must have gotten and maybe a few pounds too?

silvia haynes

Looks like a blast!!!!
I may have to plan for a road trip mext year

Kim Thomas

I wish I could be there!!! Looks like a lot of fun. :)

Nicole N.

OMG!!! Catherine -- next time I see you... I better get a photo of you like that!

**hanging my head in embarrassment now**


kim shroba

i wish you could come to chicago and do a crop and create!!


There are no words to describe SCT's Crop & Create in Moncton, NB. Some of us if not most of us if not all of us are still suffering from post-C&C withdrawals!! Hee!Hee! Great memories to make us feel all better, though! Thanks again for EVERYTHING!!


It was the BEST scrapbooking event I have ever been to!!! Done a lot of crops, and a cruise and this beats them all, thank you for such a well prepared and fun scrapbookg event!!!!! (((hugs to all)))
And all the make and takes plus a huge goodie bag!!! I posted the LOs I completed on my blog and all the sponsors.


Bethany Becker

Looks like fun!


Looks like so much fun! I am anxiously awaiting details for Crop & Create in Edmonton and/or Calgary. Please o' please!!

camisetas polo

Sal - las fotos publicadas eran de la cámara Chantal Anderson .. Estaba demasiado ocupado jugando Imaginen conmigo!


Lots of fun to be had for those attending! Thanks for sharing the pics!

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