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Pam Spradlin

Gorgeous cards...would love to win a subscription instead of having to pay for it!

Janie Boots

The special Mom I would like to send a subscription to her name is Shana and she is a fellow scrapbooker she is like me she is a mom of 4 I am a mom of 5 so we get along really well. We have never met in person but we have talked online and through texts


Oh, yes, this mom would love to win a subscription for me and for a special mom in my life!! Thanks for the chance to win.

Kathy P

Ooh, thanks for featuring my card! So exciting!
The special Mom I would like to receive a SCT subscription is named Betty Anne. She is a fellow scrapper living in Canada who also oversees an on-line scrapbooking sketch site that has a huge international following. She is Mom to two sons, and Grandmom to 3 adorable kids. Betty Anne has undergone much loss in her family recently, along with some hard times financially, yet through it all remains upbeat and supportive of her fellow scrappers. I would love to see her win this!

Lisa P

Gorgeous cards. I would love to not only have my own subscription, but I would send the other to my best scrapping buddy and most wonderful friend, Stacey, who is an amazing mother who i look up to and admire for her parenting skills.

Kim L.

I would give it to my Mom. She is such a special and inspiring woman. She loves and encourages us all of the time. She has taught me how to be a Godly woman and mother. I would love to bless her.

Shirl Boughner

a subscription would be wonderful. Happy Mother's Day everyone.


I would honor my sister-in-law who is raising a special needs child and expecting her fifth. She is amazing in her ability to keep her sense of humor.


Happy Mother's Day to everyone !!! Hope you all have a great weekend. The Special Mom I would send a subscription to is my friend Brenda!! She is the only friend I have that scrapbooks, so we understand each other perfectly when we both pull out our cameras at our Daughters sporting events, and we always giggle about what a great page the photos will make!! No one else gets it...but that's Ok, that's why we have these special friends.


I'd love a subscription and I have a friend who would too! Thanks for a chance.

Nancy L.

my SIL. she's a wonderful mother and she loves to get crafty!

Carol Lucas

The special mom I'd like to send a subscription to is my daughter Amanda. She's in the Air Force, going to college, a wife to Josh, mom to Caleb age 2, and soon to be mom to Isaac in June. She scrapbooks, too, and somehow does it all! Wish I lived closer to her.


The cards are lovely! A subscription would be amazing!! Thank you for the fun giveaway!

Mara A

Absolutely beautiful cards! I'd love to win 2 subscriptions - one for me (mother to a very bad and beautiful cat who is my baby)and one for my sister (mother to 2 great boys [human], 2 adorable boys [furry] and grandma to another furry granddaughter!).


Lovely cards! Happy Mother's Day all!
Would really appreciate winning this giveaway!


The special "mom" I would love to send a subscription too is my friend Angele. She is an amazing mom, right down to acting as coach for her sons' curling team and team manager for their football team, among other things of course! And she's a genuinely warm, caring and loving person, too! Of course she is also a scrapbooker who creates awesome works of art and I know would enjoy a subscription to SCT :)

Jenny Kozar

Beautiful cards and I would share the subscription with my beautiful friend Marcie who brought me into this hobby in the first place.
Thank you!


I enjoyed the cards that were shared with us today... many different ideas & styles.
I would love to be able to send a subscription to is my son's 'other mother' Lori. She is our neighbour & we treat each other's sons as our own. This gift would be so appreciated by her as she is both a scrapbooker & makes cards...when she has the time from her 3 paying jobs. Life has been tough but she always appears upbeat & a good influence on my son.
Hope I'm lucky enough to surprize her with a subscription.
Happy, happy Mothers Day... on what ever day you are able to celebrate it with your family, and for those who are fortunate to still have your Moms in your lives - enjoy your time together!

MaryAnn  N

Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful daughter, a mother of 2, working full-time on shift work. It would be wonderful to surprise her with the magazine as it is her favourite.

Bonnie Cooper

Beautiful cards.. such inspiration! Would LOVE a subscription... and a subscription for my friend whose kids are grown and then she has been the 'mom' figure in her grandsons life..:) She loves to create and scrap but has trouble with inspiration so this would be so perfect for her!

Cindy L

Those cards are outstanding!! If I won two subscriptions I'd give one to my dear sweet friend Laura who is trying very hard to become a mom! She is already an amazing "aunt" to my 2 boys. Thanks!


Me. I'm the special mom of a special child, and I deserve a two-year subscription. Is that allowed? My Mom is gone and I'm the only one I know of who scraps. Thank you for the giveaway.


What a cool gift! My mom and I both would love it! Love the cards! Happy Mothers Day Yall!

Shelley Smith

I would send a subscription to my friend Janice, who got me thinking of this wonderful and obsessive hobby!! Thanks for the great inspiration!!

Rebecca W

I would send a subscription to my Sister-In-Law she has started scrapping but has trouble finding time. Her children always enjoy helping me with scrapping projects when I visit. I think this would be a great way to get her working on her projects!

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