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Kathy Skou

Here's something I've been doing a lot lately...when working with bright colors that I want to "pop" I run a brush marker (black or brown, depending on the color scheme) along the edge of the paper to give it a barely inked look. It really helps the colors to pop out and adds a little something to my layout!


Here is a tip! I cut out the middle of big pieces of pattern paper I use in my Scrapbooking, to use on the cards I make for Operation Write Home. Gets both jobs done and saves me money too!

Love this paper line, thanks for the chance to win!

Monika Wright

Instead of letting my scraps pile up, I trim what I can to 4x6 for mini books, 2x3 for my quote book, and 4x5 for card fronts. That way, when I'm ready to create on a whim, I can just shop my stash without having to think. Plus, it makes me use my scraps!

Shannon Miller

My best tip is to scrap with friends and share ideas! You can also share scraps of paper and equipment and many times come up with a better page or card than you had planned to begin with.

Love that Girl Land paper too!!

Lori Anderson

When I prepare for a crop, I match my pictures to my paper and throw it all in a huge 2 gallon zip lock bag. If I am really ambitious I add an idea I have found, and all the embellishments I might use, and even punches, etc. This way I am not dragging the whole house with. They are my kits.


I try to match up my photos to a sketch before shopping to save a little money on supplies. Before I was buying way too much for one layout. Being organized ahead of time helps me specifically what I need.

Kathy P

I love this new collection...can't wait to make pages with it for my DGD! Thanks for the chance to win some!


i choose my embellishments carefully...too many and the page looks cluttered. thank you for the opportunity to win.


After I finish my page, I always trim down the sides of my layout a smidgen before I put the layout in the page protectors. The embellishments I use or chipboard letters always make it too tight a fit if I don't.

jett H

Gorgeous collection! Hope I'm the lucky one. My tip is to do batch scrapping.

I pick out lots of different pictures that move me at that moment and stick them in a file. another time, I'll go through and write down the journaling. Another time I'll go through and pick out papers & embellishments. Finally, I'll sit down and just make the page.

This has worked so much better for me as I work on whatever my creative mojo is feeling that day.


I like to round some corners -to vary it up from square &/or rectangle.
I look at the page to see what catches my eye first, which to me should be the photos. There are times when I see so much embellishment, the pics are lost.
Here's hoping for that gorgeous Girl Land line?!?!?


Love the Webster's Girl Land line! Beautiful stuff!

I found a great tip online for storing clear stamps - put them in a rolodex! Thought it was a good idea, and still do, but before I could get my hands on a rolodex I came across one of those containers we used to use for storing those old 4x4 computer disks! Sure don't use the disks anymore so hello clear stamp storage!

Thanks S&CToday!

Brenda B.

I find my journaling on scrapbook pages is always better if I record thoughts shortly after the event, either in a journal, in an on-line file or in a notebook. If I wait, I forget little things or the emotional reaction isn't as strong.


What wonderful ideas from all of you. I am going to keep them handy. I love getting my inspiration from SCT magazine and their web site. I also like to make up my own scrapbooking kit with everything I need to do a page or two. No stress worrying about what I will need, it's right there!! Thank you for the opportunity to win the Websters Girl Land Line.

Penny Douphinett

When I finish a scrapbook layout I stop and make cards with the leftovers. It prevents a build-up of various scraps and I fill my Operation Write Home box that much quicker.


Be organized! I have my craft room organized so I know where every thing is- sorted bythemes, colours, etc. This way when I begin to create, I can plan my pages better! I also use the 12x12 plastic paper storage containers to organize my projects I am working on. When I see a paper or embellishment or item that fits into the theme of my project, I add it to the container. This way when it is time to scrap, I have that project ready to go!

Tami B

I cut "chunks" out of paper that is going to be covered up so that I can use the paper remnants for cards.


I have the Fiskars cloud punch and I have recently used it to punch out 3D clouds with corrugated coloured cardboard.
Check out this LO I did for a Creative Scrappers sketch on the BoBunny blog where I have 3 punched out clouds:


Mara A

LOVE LOVE LOVE this line!

Val P

Love this line --- and all the wonderful tips! I buy 2 gallon plastic bags at the dollar store and keep my paper collections, embellishments, and scraps in them until my project is done. That way everything is close at hand to work on. Val from IL.

Bonnie Cooper

I take any scraps and use an edge punch or edge scissors on them and throw them all in a box. That way I can just reach for a decorated edge to layer pretty quickly when I need one.

MaryAnn  N

Love this line. I have a small bin of scraps and I try to use something on every page I do. maybe it will be a border or shape punch of the scrap but I use everything if possible.


These papers are just sooo gorgeous, I just love them.
When I´ve finished a project, I always try to make a little something of the scraps, that´ll work well with the album, as f.ex. a bookmark or a couple of tags or something like that. Or I try like here last to make a simular minipage like the big one, I just made, so when I´ve finished a big album, I´ll always have a minialbum to use for a gift or something as well, and all my scraps is used up. And if I have loads of small pieces I try and make some flowers or other embellisments, then I have them ready for the next page too and is sure, they+´ll go well with the colors in this particular album.


Gorgeous collection! I save my scraps from scrapbooking and then use them on cards :)

Donna H.

Love this collection! My tip is to keep scraps organized by 1)solids and then by colors and 2)patterns and then by colors. I put all into a plastic portable file box. When I need a border or journaling tag, etc., I just reach into the file box under the right color and there it is

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