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Brenda B

I sure hope I have materials to make these pins. They are so adorable and simple to make.


Love the pins. I'll pull out my ones from a few years ago and start using them again til the stores carry these new ones!

Mary Clayton

Beautiful pins. Great embellishment.


so cute!!! love them!



OMG super adorable!


Love this layout. The pins are super fun!

Karen Moore

These are so cute! Wish I had the stuff to make some.


This layout is beautiful!!!!!


Lovely pins! I love the layout ... super cute! Will have to see if I have anything to create a custom pin. Hmmm ... not sure, but I will try!


So so cute. Have to get my thinking cap out for this one!

Dorina D

Loved the pins. Never tried that before. I'll have to try it now, if I can find all my old beads & broken jewelry. Should be able to try something.


What a great idea and so simple!

carol in seattle :)

Love that soft, sweet layout! Thanks for the pin tips!

Renee VanEpps

Cool, never thought of sliding beads onto sewing needles! Gorgeous LO!!!

Diane G

Great idea for the pins. Thanks!

Lynne T.

I love these pin ideas.


Love all the ideas for embellishing with pins!


These pins are so lovely. Thanks for sharing them. Do you put anything on the sharp end to ensure noone gets "picked"?

Beverly Jordan

Great pins and tips!


I love pins:))


Thanks for the great pin tips!


Great pins!


Love your page! Thanks for the tips


Love those pins, so will have to go and see, if the kids maybe have some beads I can use to make some he he he

Helen Van Daalen

I love the pins. I can't seem to figure out how to attach pictures to this comment. But I am going to get out my sewing and beading projects and create a pin. This will be my first try at it.

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