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I simply loved all of the inspiration! There were some utterly fantastic projects here today and some great hints and tips! Thanks for all of your hard work today and every day! Happy NSD!


SUch a fantastic day! Thanks for hosting!

I'd love to win the Pebbles collection! Gorgeous!

Janet MacKay

The best part of the day was having time to start the challenges but still be given the time to finish them in the next couple of days.

Lisa Federspiel

I loved all the tips you shared with us! Had a blast, going to bed now. Thanks for a fun day!!!


I loved seeing all the great ideas for both cards and scrapbook layouts! And I'm excited to turn this inspiration into some of the projects for the contests that are still going on. Thanks for a great day!!!


It's been a wonderful and exciting day on the blog. It was crazy fun to see all the new product lines and have chance to win them. I really loved all the tips and project samples. There were some cool videos too. Thanks so much SCT!
Heather A


That was a fun day! loved all the challenges... and the giveaways!! Thanks SCT!

Amanda K

What a great end to an inspiring day. I hope to use a few of the ideas from today in some layouts this week! Thanks SCT!

Shannon Miller

I loved most the anticipation of it all....just like a child at Christmas waiting for Santa to come. It has been an exciting day filled with tips, tutorials and just plain fun!! Thanks for the whole day!


So many ideas, so little time, The projects have been wonderful.


It was a lot of fun seeing all the featured products used in scrapbooks and cards. Got a lot of good tips on techniques. It was a rewarding day. thanks for putting so much effort into NSD.

Suzy Gray

I enjoyed hopping around the web seeing all the inspiration *and great giveaways then getting busy in my room creating


i have found scads of inspiration and a little more courage to do some of the things that i have seen, like misting. thank you for a wonderful day. rush88888@gmail.com

Susie Bentz

I think I have to go back to the very beginning of the day...post #2. Really am looking forward to working with that PageMap. I have an idea in my head and once I pick the paper and get the journalling done I think I am going to be very happy. It is a layout I have been thinking about for several years. I think this Page Map may be the trick to getting it done. Thanks for a great day.

Shelley Scarbro

Such a fun day of great inspiration!!!


The misting tutorial made me laugh. Just thinking about all my Creative Errors...Thanks!

Dona S

It's been such an incredible day!!! It may take me a month to recover, but I'll sleep with a smile on my face!!! Thanks for gathering all these inspiring projects.....


What an awesome day of inspiration, tutorials, tips and tricks! I can't wait to try out some of those challenge you gave us today! Thank you for a FUN day!

April W

Gorgeous!! Today was so FUN! That's what I loved the most. :)

beatrice lawson

I loved seeing the fun challenges and the inspiring posts. I know I will go back and re-read the photo and misting tips, and I am working on some of the challenges now. Thanks to all the great sponsors!

Cynthia B.

Although I haven't had time to sit and scrap today, I have had time to read your challenges and enter your giveaways (gotta love smartphones!). So I love that not only have you given us inspiration to go forth and craft...you've given us a chance to finish our projects after this busy weekend is over. :) Thanks, SCT, for giving us all a chance to participate!

Becky Sullivan

The colors!!! Gives me an even more severe case of Cabin Fever!

JoAnn Hart

The inspiration from all the great artists!

carol in seattle :)

Hard decision! I loved Doodlebug's post...and Kimber's title post...and Kelly's mixing patterns post...and...and, and AND!

I guess what I loved most was seeing all kinds of inspiration and excitement. Sure made for a fun day!


Love the collection and thanks for all the challenges! I am feeling inspired to try more :)

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