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Melanie C

I scrapbook because I love to have the memories preserved. My layouts make me happy...I love the photos!


To show my family and friends how much they mean to me and also to leave a record that says: I was here and I lived well :)


I scrapbook because I want to remember the stories and the people that have made my life so very wonderful. I wish I knew more about my grandmothers and I hope our granddaughters will know me by the scrapbooks I've created. Thanks for sharing this special giveaway!

Amy E.

I incurred a severe neck injury 6 years ago. I played guitar and I used to love to paint with oils. All of that became painful and hard to do after the injury. Scrapbooking is somehing I can do without causing pain. I can create, reminisce, and be at peace, all at the same time.

sue frecklington

it depends which scrapbook we're talking about! My faith book pages tell of me and why I am the way I am, my innermost thoughts and beliefs that I'm not good at saying outloud.
My family history is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, recording things I find out about my past - and sometimes linking them to my present.
My grandchildrens albums - the most precious gift I can leave them - tell of their lives and their relationships, something their parents don't have time or inclination to do.
My children's albums, again gifts for the future, which are retrospective because I didn't get hooked on all this till retirement beckoned, tell of their lives and the little things that they might not remember, reasons and people from their past - in part an explanation again of things not easily discussed.
Finally, the what are we doing now albums, like a diary of our retired life, a social history for the future, a remebrance in time to come as the memory fades.
Oh and there's another which I don't do now but until recently was very important - little memory books for my alheimer suffering mother in law to help her to recall the things and people that were fading.


I love pictures. And scrapping let's me be creative. Will definitely have to check out your books!


I scrapbook for so many reasons, but mainly to put memories on paper so we can later flip through them and relive those memories! Even just sitting down to scrap old pictures takes me down memory lane and I love that it will do the same for my family! And it definitely gives me "me" time and a creative outlet!!


I started scrapping because I liked the pretty paper but it has progressed much more into wanting to tell stories and documenting memories past and present. Through that, it is helping me deal with things I have found difficult in the past :)

Fran C

I scrapbook because I want to record the memories for my family to cherish for years to come, hopefully for many generations. Plus I really have fun doing it!!

Lisa L. ( Lisa's Creative Niche)

I scrapbook to be able to look back on moments in time and remember the little details I otherwise wouldn't! i also scrapbook so my kids can remember the little things they may never even know happened! Thanks so much and congrats on the next book!


I would love to this this wonderful giveaway. I have been scrap booking for about 22 years now. I also make my own cards.
I do it because I love it and it's relaxing.In 2006, I was put on permanent disability. Then 1 1/2 years ago my husband passed away. So now my scrap booking has become more important than ever. It really is therapeutic for me. It keeps me busy doing what I love to do.

Cynthia Keogh

I scrapbook because my mother died when I was 13 and I am a 40 year old mommy of toddler boys. I want there to be no doubt that they were loved and cherished as children, teens and adults. The odds are that by the time they become nostalgic that their father and I wont be around. Our family books are my legacy of their lives to them to share with their children. :)

Carmen Mobbs

Scrapbooking is a form of "Mental Health" to me. Sitting with my pretty papers, ribbon etc puts me in a zone where all the worries & stress disappear & creativity appears. I also love when my Family gets so excited when they see themselves on a layout. Now, they say, mom, take a picture so you can Scrapbbook it. Who would have ever thought! LOL.
Thank you Courtney for a chance to win such a lovely book. The cover is beautiful!

Kelly Massman

I scrapbook to preserve memories and feel a little creative... TFS!

Susi K

What a fabulous prize! My love of reading and paper crafting all rolled together - sheer perfection!

Veronica M.

I scrapbook because I love working with all the awesome products out there and it is my time to be creative-it is me time! I love recording all of our memories that would probably be forgotten. Can't wait to read your book. Thanks for the chance.


Having kids changes things. I'm no longer the super-organized person I once was. I scrapbook to remember, to have a journal of the things I might otherwise forget. Thanks for the chance!


I scrapbook to remember the trips that I've taken. Someday - when I got travel anymore -
I can re-live the times I spent in many places other than home.


Scrapbooking allows an escape from life's little challenges and takes you to a wonderful memory created on your page.

annette burton

I scrapbook to record all of our family moments as well as places we have travelled. I love the satisfaction of finishing an album and the social aspect of this wonderful hobby as well.

Melinda Wilson

I scrapbook to have memories and pictures recorded for our future generations. I have tons of pictures from my grandmother but there isn't much info about who they are or dates.

Keri Postma

Memories, Memories and more memories! That is why I love to scrapbook. You get to re-live them everytime you open the scrapbooks and so does everyone else. They are sources of endless stories.

Joan Ostler

I scrapbook to let out my artistic soul and also to provide a record of many lives, which would not be recorded if I didn't do it. I'm creating a history of my family.

Shirley Guzzi

I scrapbook to remember the past, to celebrate the present and to show the kids how very special they are to me!


I scrapbook because I enjoy playing with the pretty papers and embellishments, and cool tools.

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