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The feel of the paper - the different textures, the embelishments that add zing to the final product & the photos that deliver a story,emotion or event.
I also love the excuse to get together with friends to work on our projects. It can be a needed break away from family &/or work... to help ground me to what is important in my life & leave my worries/troubles behind for a bit, eh?

Amanda K

What a great giveaway - I love to read! But why do I scrapbook? It started because I wanted to do something with the wallet sized photos my friends and family were giving me of their kids. Then it was to record a special vacation. From there it morphed into a record of my life with my husband and daughters. Every picture has a story to tell and I love journalling on my pages to help tell the story. I hope that my scrapbooks will be interesting to my daughters and their families long after I'm gone.

Deanna Koontz

I scrap because like you said.. it gets in your blood. Can't help myself and I love documenting all the little every day moments that would be forgotten otherwise.

Deborah WIsmer

I scrapbook because it takes me to a happy place. I find it so relaxing an fun trying to figure out what the page I want to look like. It's my zen.

Tracey McNeely

I scrapbook to preserve the memories that are so vivid today. I have saved and collected all of my life and I want to be able to pass on scrapbooks to my children one day so they get to relive these previous moments of their lives. I also scrapbook because of its therapeutic benefits. It calms me and relaxes me and it is doing something creative. I have always been creative but MS has slowed me down to the point that I have lost so much strength is my right handed side that I am limited. Scrapbooking and cardmaking allow me to create. Thank you for the chance to read your books.

Tara W

I've always had some type of scrapbook with all my momentos and newspaper articles and about 10 years ago I had picked up a magazine with a card idea in it for my sister's wedding and in it was some scrapbooking layouts.....I was hooked on this idea and away I went. My first full album was my sister's christmas present that year using pictures from her showers and wedding. In my creative family of cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, etc.....I finally found MY thing.

Jeannine H.

I used to scrapbook to record and display beautiful photos or special events but now, I also want to record the everyady moments and those not necessarily so great photos. I am even thinking of making some no photo pages because I want to tell the stories.

Renee J.

I, too, scrapbook for many reasons. I really enjoy it and want to treasure those special times!!

Sylvie Simard

I scrapbook to get my photos out of boxes and off the computer in a fun and creative way that i can look through anytime i want! I also scrapbook as a way to be creative and crafty and it's a hobby that I do with my sister, it's our time! And also because it is fun, i enjoy it, and its a way for me to escape everyday stress for awhile!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Beverly Jordan

First, I scrapbooked to remember the good things, and then to remember special relationships, and then I scrapbooked for my children to remember special things and relationships. Now I scrapbook to remind myself that God has truely blessed my life and it really puts it into perspective for me and others.

Louella Turvey

I scrapbook because the first time I took over a small album of pictures over to my family's house, everyone went crazy looking at the pictures and had a great time talking about this time and that time. And so I decided to be the keeper of memories, Now every get together there is, everyone asks me to be SURE and bring all the new scrapbooks and/or pictures I have, that is not the only reason though, I absolutely love to make art and love designing the pages, so I get a thrill out of everything about scrapbooking, I love all the embellishments, and I love taking pictures of my family, well, I could go on and on, but I think you get the gist of it all! Thanks, Louella

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