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kae C

I scrapbook in order to share with my children what I wanted to say to them when they were young but was too overwhelmed and tired to say at the time.

Lisa M. Zepponi

I scrapbook because it makes me feel creative, while at the same time I am able to jot down some of the memories/stories that go along with the picture. I am not the most creative nor the best story teller; scrapbooking is my escape.


I scrapbook for so many reasons...to preserve memories, to make heirlooms, and just to relax. I love coming up with new layouts.

Pamela Morton

Scrapbooking is a way for me to relax and take all of the stress away from my busy days. I can start with a simple design, paper, or embelishment and the ideas start to flow. When it is too hot or too cold outside I can just set up my crafting supplies and go into a crafting bliss. All of my projects go to special family and friends for a special occasion or even just to say thank you for all the help they give me.


I scrapbook to remember all those little things that would otherwise be forgotten... all those things that make our family special and unique and to remind them how much they are loved.
I just finished reading Courtney's first book. LOVED it!!!

Nina Nuernberger

I scrapbook for a few reasons. It gives me an artistic outlet. It is a great "me time" activity. And to preserve and share my children's memories for them.

I would love to win!

Rebecca W

I enjoy the creative process and playing with the many supplies- I scrap more for the fun of creativity than any other reason.

Jean A Marmo

I scrap for many reasons!! It is a way for me to preserve even more memories for my kids. i hope when they look at the books and pages, they will smile or cry and think about our lives. I have never been the "artistic one" - that was my twin sister. But in some way, this has allowed me to be creative! I have even ventured into canvases and art journals. So even though I do it for them, I also do it for me.

Thank you for such wonderful books! And a chance to win!


Life's moments need to be preserved for family members. It gives future generations an opportunity to know their ancestors, how they lived and sacrifices they made for those they love. Life's happy times and sad times. It can take loved ones to other times and places that they may have been a part of or not. Scrapbooking is also a great creative outlet to keep the brain active. I've enjoyed reading comments from others that love to scrap, to know there are so many trying to preserve their family memories is such an inspiration.Jri


I scrapbook to remember... not only the fun times of birthdays and activities with family and friends, but the sad times too - the passing of loved ones and that first failed spelling test. I want to remember and I want my family to remember too.

Patricia A. Turner

I would love to have my name added to the list/ I would love to win this book

Susan Irvine

I scrapbook for the fun of playing with the paper and embellishments and I scrapbook to leave a little of who I am for my grandchildren to discover. I try to journal my feelings and thoughts, not just the who, what, where and when. I also love to read and would love to win your books.


oh this is quite a career journey. how inspiring. i'm looking forward to reading these books.

i love the paper crafting aspect. it's a different discipline away from work and i get to be create. it's also a way to capture something in the "moment' and be able to pass it down to someone else who wants to learn about those moments in "history" - i would love to think that my kids will stumble and gobble up these finds like i did when i found my parent's LP and Cassette tape collection. brings back one of the really strong memories - playing the music they had heard when they were young.


Scrapbooking is like therapy! I started to document a trip I went on but became hooked and now besides just for the joy of it, scrapbook to tell a story and to leave a legacy for my kids.

Judi Church

I started scrapbooking when I became too ill to continue teaching--which had been my life. Over the past 8 years, it has saved my life!! I have researched my family history for a Heritage album, I have preserved all the memories of my daughter, and now my grandson. I would love to read your books.


Wow! I'm always looking for another book to read and I'm sure these books will be nothing short of fantastic. Scrapbooking helps me focus on the stories of my loved ones whether it is a sad story, everyday story, funny, goals met, or us just 'being us'. Hopefully my children will cherish these memories of them as much as I had cherished the moment it happened.


I started scrapbooking to meet people and became addicted to it. Its a hobby. that I absolutely love.

Laura Cox

I absolutely love the creativity and "me time" of scrapbooking, but to record the events that have been a part of who we are and who we have become....and whether it's funny or tearful, or nostalgic...scrapbooking is a way to record our family and the journey we are on...


What a great giveaway!!! Courtney is the greatest!
I scrapbook for the future, there are so many questions I wish I could have asked my grandparents. I am recording everything so future generations will know all the answers!

Larell Strickland

These sound like FUN books and I love to read authors I haven't yet...

Karen Conner

I scrapbook to unwind & release tension from my work day. But I love to create "masterpieces". The paper is my canvas. Have even started scrapping on canvas-which I love as well.
There are so many possibilities & I love that. Each project is unique-I love that!


Creating scrapbooks is in my 'blood type' ... my grandmother kept cards and covered wastebaskets, my mom kept tickets, football rosters, 25 cent goofy pictures of girlfriends and then put them in an album and gave it to me at my wedding and gave it also to my oldest brother ... alas a fire later destroyed her pictures so we're glad for the memory books she gave us. Now I've been 'hoarding' pictures (before digital), my husband recently retired and I have time to 'get my picture-affairs in order' so I'm scanning and printing ... preparing to scrapbook and this book seems the inspiration and 'kick in the bum' I've been missing!!
I raised 5 boys and, except when they were real young, for the first time since they've had kids of their own they have ASKED me to put together pictures of them! It's a milestone request and I'm determined to get it done! Thanks for listening ... :o) The titles & covers of your books are inspirational and beautiful without even opening a page! If that's what 4 years hiatus will do - wow! Time well spent.

Laura T.

I scrapbook to preserve my families memories. I was just looking through my older scrapbooks the other day with my kids and so many of the layouts brought back so many memories - LOVE THAT!

Judy  Rozema

I scrap to remember wonderful days and for my family yo remember things from their childhood, special moments and such...Looks like an awesome book!!!

Nancy James

I scrapbook to remember everything about my family and friends.I want my grandson to know about the family was before him, the ones he never knew. I want my family to know they were loved very much and have something of me when I'm gone.
Nancy J

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