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To save the stories and memories that fade over time, but that complete our history. And I love playing with paper!

Linda Leonhardt

I started scrapbooking about 2 1/2 years ago quite by accident. I overheard a friend of mine talking to another friend about scrapbooking, the albums she was working on and about the scrapbook evening classes she was going to teach at her nearby school. I was going thru a rough time back then, I just lost my Mother and my Father was just diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I needed something to do once in a while to take my mind off of things. I asked my friend a few questions, signed up for her scrapbook classes, and I've been scrapbooking ever since!


I usually scrapbook only a couple of pictures on a page, the ones that just speak volumes by themselves but of course I dress them up to tell the story!


The main reason I scrapbook is to relive the moments in time that make up our lives. The funny, the sad, the sweet and the special love moments.

Lynn Briggs

Thank You Courtney for caring why I scrapbook, and of course for your exciting giveaway

I scrapbook because it just something I find so relaxing and something I absolutely love to do. The reward is simply watching my kids share their scrapbooks with their friends time and time again. They are so proud of their books that are chocked full of sweet memories and milestones! This is the simple reason for me to keep me doing what I love do. I am proud of the look of delight on my kids faces when I complete a page. Even my hubby shares by supporting and encouraging me to create which makes my hobby such a pleasure and good pastime. It pleases me that I can please them with something as simple as a layout about their everyday doings. My albums may not be perfect but they are my stories and my memories which come straight from my heart. Sweet memories that are hopefully preserved for many years of countless views and many generations to come.

Christine Slak

I just want my family's story to be remembered and no one else in my family is doing it right now. It makes the memories so much sweeter when the little details are not lost.

Rea Custer

The reason I scrapbook is the same reason my Great Grandmother and Grandmother did it. It is a way of preserving evidence of the lives of loved ones that are so dear to me.

Anna Petitt

I scrapbook for my daughter mostly but definitely for me as well! I want her to look back and feel the love I have for her everyday! I may not be able to give her everything in this world, but I will give her this and hope she appreciates the memories that I am sharing!

holly martin

Why do I scrap???? I scrap to remember the so many special events with all of my loved ones. I scrap because I have the most adorable
grandson and I LOVE to take pictures of him. I have made pages of the little things that we do together. It is something we can do together. I scrap because it de-stresses me. I am in my happy zone.

Chelle K

The books look very interesting.. I scrapbook because I feel creative and love the feeling of pride and joy when my kids look through the books or ask me to help do something creative for a project.


I scrap for the creative release.

sharon gullikson

I like to be creative, and I love paper, color, and all of the goodies that go with it. It's not because I like to save photos really....

Janet Sisk

I don't actually scrapbook, but I make cards and follow a lot of scrapbook companies and blogs. I make cards because I love to give people something that is unique and handmade. I put a lot of time and energy into the cards I make. It's my therapy! I would love to win your books. Thanks for the chance. :D

Jenny McGee

I love scrapbooking for the craftiness and also to keep memories. I want my family to remember the little things and big things in our life. Yhanks.

Linda Johnson

Can't wait to read your books! So glad I found them.
I scrapbook because I want to make pages to hold the photos to go with the memoirs I am writing to save all the special moments of family life for future generations. And because I LOVE to create!

andrea murdock

congratulations on all your success! so wonderful that there is a book out there geared towards those of us who love to use paper and glue to show are love. which is why I scrapbook. I scrapbook for my family and their family through the generations to have some family history and also to get a glimpse into our lives.

Cindy L

I scrapbook because each page is a moment frozen in time that I CAN get back, and relive over and over with my family.

Jacqueline N

I scrapbook to make up for my lack of memory. I want my children to know how very much I love them and for the little things everyday; not just the big moments. Capturing these memories on pretty paper is my way of accomplishing this. Thank you for the chance to win.

joyce EJW

I started scrapbooking to preserve the old pictures and share with family. Now I scrapbook because I have to and want to share with future generations the family they come from and I do it to for myself because it brings me joy!!!!

Kathy Griffith

Ahh Courtney, I scrapbook because it is something for me, my creative outlet, the joy of making something that people appreciate. For the memories down the road.
I just started reading Sweethaven Summer and am really liking it so far. Can't wait to read the next one already.

Dorina D

Oh my! I scrapbook because I can share my creativity with family and friends, tell the stories of our lives and preserve the memories of the past in my own way.

Patty orwig

In the past when I was able to scrapbook more often I loved to spend time with other women and share our photos and memories! Hope to get back to it in the near future...thanks for the inspiration!


I scrapbook because I enjoy putting a story to my photos. Embellishment, paper selection and journalling bring life to the photos and memories.

Ann E.

These books would be a wonderful treasure! I scrapbook to help my family remember events that we have enjoyed because I realize how many of my early years are lost to my memory because no one did scrapbooks.


What an awesome inspiring story on how you wrote these books! Sounds like heaven!
I'm not an avid scrapbooker, but I'm working on getting back into it. It will be something special for me to pass down to my son. I've created a couple of books for my special needs daughter the past couple of years. She loves looking thru the books I've finished!
Thanks for the chance to win! ;o)

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