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Tiffany M

I scrapbook to remember and to create! Such a rewarding hobby! Thanks for the chance to win!


I had dabbled in scrapbooking for about 5 years when my son passed away at age 30 from cancer. Scrapbooking helped me through my grieving process because it reminded of all the love & fun we had during his years with us. It made me smile (and yes, still cry) whenever I found new pictures of him as a child. But putting those pictures and stories down helped me so much. Now my granddaughters can really learn what a wonderful person their Uncle Jake was.


To capture moments in time and some of the thoughts and events that were around them. I think it helps make the photos more alive and will help my kids remember the details that are otherwise lost over time. It gives me a creative outlet too which is part of the legacy as well. Now if only I could keep up with the photos!!

Christine Kiehl

Thanks for the chance to win! The reason I scrapbook is for many reasons both personal and for my loved ones. Scrapbooking relaxes me and gives me the opportunity to recall, remember and preserve past memories. I scrapbook to share with family and loved ones as well, giving very personal gifts.


Why do I scrapbook - well there are a number of reasons but the one that is the most important is "because it makes me feel good". I do it because it allows me to be creative and document my family's life. I also have made new friends because of it and that is important. The books sound wonderful and even if I don't win I will look for them in the store or as ebooks.


I've been hearing so much about these books and would love to read them! I started scrapbooking to keep the stories with the pictures. Unfortunately, I'm not even sure I can call myself a scrapbooker at the moment, it has been so long. I have dabbled in digital a little for a special book or two. Must find the time to get back to it.

Erin Morley

I scrapbook to leave a legacy for my children, to help them remember their lives, our lives together. Also for the enjoyment of future generations. I need a creative outlet, so I might as well do something productive with my creative energy. Congrats on the book release Courtney!


For me I do it to remember the times that I have tucked away and can't remember quite well! congratulations on your releases!

Gail L.

I scrapbook because the pictures make me smile!
My daughter, who claims not to have a crafty bone in her body; made me an album for my birthday!
Said it took her MONTHS!
I'm so proud of her, and like me, she enjoyed every minute!


Your books sound amazing! I can't wait to find a copy and read them. What better way to spend some time when I'm not scrapbooking, reading a story about others who are! I'd love to win a copy!


I scrapbook because I enjoy it and I love scrapping the everyday moments of my children that I might forget otherwise.

Julia Muscari

I scrapbook as a way to share my shared memories with friends and family...it's a part of "me" that I give to them to show my love...

Pamela McGillin

I discovered scrapbooking when I was trying to cope with the loss of my dad. It kept me sane & has been keeping me balanced ever since. I would love to read your books.

Jennifer O.

I scrapbook because its fun. Because I like having pictures of my family and memories in a format that pleases me.


I scrapbook to preserve the memories and it is great fun to create beautiful pages.

Anita Giesbrecht

I scrapbook to preserve the memories. I don't remember details so I journal them before they are lost


What an amazing giveaway and so great to learn about Courtney's book! I scrapbook because it allows me to document my family memories while making pretty things. And as I do it more, I learn about the amazing community of women it has introduced me to. And to Scrapbook and Cards Today, thanks so much for sponsoring Xyron during their 35k giveaway!

sherry B

I scrapbook to share the good time the everyday and the bad time we all go thru.
thanks for this great chance to win.

Janelle Rourke

I started scrapbooking to put together our pictures, souvenirs and my journaling all in one place of our 9000 mile Amtrak trip around the USA in 2002. As I chose my papers, and stickers and embellies, the more excited I got that seeing how this art enhances our photos. Now, 10 years later, I still am giddy to play with my supplies. And I am anxious to see what all my online scrappy friends are up to, and see their creations. The ladies I have met in person, it was as if we have known each other forever, scrapbooking is the common thread that binds us all together.
Thank you for the chance to win copies of your book. I would love to read them.

Heather DG

I love the art and creating portion of it, but since I was a kid I have always enjoyed pouring over photo albums and reliving the memories behind them. Scrapbooking brings two of my passions together.
Thank you for sharing with us and the chance to win!!


I scrapbook to keep my sanity. Creating relaxes and centers me, and when I create, I am a better (and happier) wife, mother, and friend.


I scrapbook to preserve memories....for myself and those I love. A lot of what I do is heritage/genealogy related as we have a large family. It's very fulfilling.
Thanks for a chance to win....and congrats on your accomplishments!

Laurie Kearnes

I scrapbook because I love to create and I love the feeling of doing something worthwhile by preserving a story - making a history.
Thanks for the chance to win.

Janet Cobb

I have only done one scrapbook so far, but I am hooked! I did a scrapbook for my son after he lost his dog. There are so many great memories of our pet in it for him to cherish.

Tracy O

I scrapbook because I love watching my family look through the completed books full of memories. Sure I could just put the pictures in an album, but adding that little extra something is putting my lasting legacy on our memories. Plus getting lost in paper and embellishments is a wonderful relaxation technique and creative outlet for me.

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