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I started to scrapbook when I was told I had to have exploratory brain surgery as the doctors could not find the cause of my terrible pain and suffering. I wanted to do an album for all three of my daughters before the surgery - which was not accomplished because it took a little more time then I thought it would! However, the surgery was a success (Oct 4, 2000) in the fact that I survived it and I was able to finish the books for them. Now I'm attempting to get all my childhood photos, my ancestors photos and current photos into scrapbooks with lots of journaling so my grandchildren and their children, will have a family history. Although I survived the surgery, it did not cure all the problems and I never made it back to work. Thank goodness for scrapbooking, card making,and now art journaling and mixed media art and quilting to fill my days and my soul.


I scrapbook because I love photos, patterned paper and my family. The combination of them all is pure pleasure!

Amber M.

I scrapbook for two main reasons: first to document my family's life for future generations (this is particularly important to me because I lost both of my parents when I was young and we have very few pictures - none of which were labeled - to remember them by), and second because it is a wonderful hobby that is relaxing and a terrific way to meet new friends! Thank you so much for a chance to win your books, Courtney - they sound intriguing!!!

Michelle H.

I scrapbook because it's FUN! It is excellent therapy and gives me a sense of accomplishment! :)

Allison Cope Israels

I scrapbook as a creative outlet! I just simply love playing with paper and stamps and love that I can create something beautiful to share in a matter of hours!

Debbi Tehrani

Congratulations on your new book!

I scrapbook so I can celebrate all the little bits and pieces that make my life meaningful. The big pieces. The little ordinary bits. I'm piecing together a history of my existence, and someday I imagine that when I'm old, I can look back on all these little bits and pieces and have fun remembering. (Not to mention, it's fun piecing all those pretty things together--it gives me great satisfaction starting with a blank page and ending up with something lovely to look at.)


I scrapbook to capture all the memories that have been created throughout my life and the lives of those I love. I love creating a project knowing it's a gift for someone else. I want to give them something special that they can always cherish.


I scrap in hopes that my son will look back in the years to come and remember things that he would otherwise have forgotten

Janet N.

I scrapbook because I love remembering all the wonderful details of our lives. You always think you'll remember everything, the first word, the first day of school, the first movie I saw with my husband, but the details start to fade as other things crowd them out. In the scrapbook, I can relive those details and remember how blessed our lives have been.

PS--anxiously awaiting the second book!


I scrapbook to keep my memories -
It refreshes my mind and makes happy

Lisa P

I scrapbook for the memories it helps me preserve and the enjoyment I get out of going back adn remembering good times and wonderful people that matter to me.

bethany hardy

I scrapbook because I need to be creative. I scrapbook because I want my kids to know their story.

Nicole Patterson

I scrapbook to keep dreams alive, so everyone can remember a moment. I scrapbook to keep memories in pages where everyone can see what's important to me. And I love all the colours and the art of pictures and paper.


Scrapbooking makes me happy!

anita t

i love to scrapbook because i want to cherish and remember the events in my life and share them with family and friends.

Diane M

I scrapbook in order to leave my children with the memories of their childhood as they grow. Not having many pictures of my own childhood makes me want to record their history.


OMG, what an awesome prize! I scrap because it lets me tune out so much of the crazy in this world and really focus on all my blessings, big or small. I scrap because it is my way to relax. I scrap because at 49yrs old, I've already forgotten many things from my youth and I want to remember all I can, for as long as I can. I scrap because I want to capture the special stories of my grandparents who I've lost, so my nieces can see how special they were. I scrap so when I'm gone, someone will know I was here.

Mary Clayton

I must admit I scrapbook for a selfish reason---for my pleasure and to relax. Of course others enjoy the results of my creations.

Amy Voorthuis

Oh wow another give-away would love to read her books......I scrapbook for eight years now and it's all in my vains love it! It's like a way of living would love to have friends I could scrap with......thanks for the chance hugs Amy :)


Scrapbooking gives me pride. Knowing that I accomplished that layout, that I so proudly display. Its diffinetly get into the blood. I take breaks and find it hard to start back up, but when the mojo comes back I have that same sense of pride again. What a great feeling!!


Journaling, I feel, is so important when scrapbooking... I am doing the hobby, for one I LOVE IT!!, and also I'm doing it for prosterity. Years ago I realized while I have all these photos of my grandparents, parents and other family members, if they are left in a box, how will my children know who are in those photos?! That got me into this wonderful pastime and I have never looked back. My passion has evolved into taking better photos and now my camera is not far from my side. My favourite obsession in photography and scrapbooking is my first grandson Jackson. He only turned 2 this past July and his folder in my computer directory of pictures has exploded, and some of those photos have made their way to a scrapbook page... or two... LOL. Thanks for your generous giveaway Courtney and S&CT!

Kim JD

I scrapbook for my kids - they love looking at photos and remembering.


The novels sound fantastic and I now understand that scrapbooking has evolved into so much of my life as well. I started scrapbooking to preserve moments and memories for my family. I have continued to scrapbook for that reason, but have found it as a creative outlet for me, and have made WONDERFUL scrapbook friends.

katie brooks

Scrapbooking makes me happy and preserves fun memories! :)


I work with paper and glue runners to calm my mind and it makes me feel happy

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