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WOW!!!What awesome-ness (is that a word??!) I will definitely try this out--what out world! I`m experimenting!!! :D


oops..meant to say watch out world!


great idea!! this I've gotta try! thanks for the tip!

Renee VanEpps

Great post, thanks for the tutorial!!

Penny Douphinett

Great ideas and thanks for the recipes! I now have yet another reason to collect re-inkers - even if I don't have that stamp pad.

Julie A. Shearer

Great idea ! TFS.

Jessica Shelton

What an amazing tutorial. Gonna try this out asap!


Oh what fun! Reminds me of way back when my boys were little and we colored macaroni :)

Theresa VanderStaay

Wow that's awesome! Something definitely worth trying. Thanks for the great tip and instructions :o)

Chris R

Really love your coloring tips for the glitter. Thanks for sharing.

Dorina D

Wonderful tutorial and great idea for getting the right colors. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

Jessica Shelton

Will this technique work with Archival Ink Reinkers or Adirondak Alcohol Inks?

auntie em  (emily)

Thank you for the great tutorial on colouring glitter and your cards are so pretty. I love glitter and the more colours the merrier. But I have a question...if you use dye based inks to colour it, will the colour come off on the glue when you stick it on a project? I couldn't see any evidence of this on your projects so I was wondering if you used a specific glue for it?
Thanks for sharing your ideas and inspiration! :)

Ruth G

This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing your "recipes"!!!

Pam Thorburn

How clever-great idea!!


love this, thanks for sharing


Hi what stamp set was used for the cards. I love the sayings and the queen. Thanks for passing along great info.

Becky Fleck

Jessica, this technique will work with any dye-based reinker, including Archival, Stampin Up and other brands. Not sure about alcohol ink, but I'll bet if you worked quickly, it just might! (I'm thinking that the alcohol inks have a tendency to dry very fast.)

Auntie Em, I used Helmar's pva glue for all of the projects. Because the reinker is dye-based, it actually soaks into the glitter, rather than staying on top, so it doesn't come off. I did notice a bit of staining on my fingers with the German glitter glass.

Beth W

I had no idea you could color glitter.Can't wait to give this a try!

Barb Wagar

I'm a total glitter nut! So stoked about this idea! Thanks for sharing this tutorial! ;)

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