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Kathy P

I am going to add a supportive comment to Catherine's post. I have always bought Becky's calendar (and LOVE them), but I never subscribed to this magazine until last fall. I recently received my first issue, and let me tell you, it is AWESOME! There is a real difference between seeing something on line and actually holding the mag in your hands! No more looking for the post you 'think' you remember seeing here! And the pages are so thick and durable. I don't know why I waited so long to subscribe. Fabulous content.
Now....if I can just convince them to print every OTHER MONTH---LOL!!


I agree with Kathy - I love my magazine coming to my mailbox! I have every issue organized in binders which were a posted project a while ago! (Catherine, you should post that again - it was an excellent idea!) I also have my calendar up for 2013 it reminds me to take a little time for myself every day.

Donna Rawbone

I love the magazine and often go back years in my issues for ideas to scrapbook. They never go out of style.


I agree with Kathy and the other ladies too. Having the Magazine in my fat little patties is sooooo much better. It is an awesome Magazine.

Arlene Lachapelle

This is one of the BEST scrapbooking/card making magazines out there and I am so glad I have my subscription!!


I got this calendar from one of my BFF and can't wait to do the challenges!

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