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Oh Kelly, I am so excited to see this you are doing this again this year. I always love seeing your pages! This is beautiful!!! I wish you all the very best and the Happiest 2013.


Happy New Year!! Love your layout! Looking forward to a new year of inspiration here :)


I love see your work. Wish you all the best in 2013

Jeannine H.

Really loving the concept of the layout AND the layout itself. Sounds like something I am going to try over the next few days! Happy New Year Kelly and to all the SCT family!

Glenda Thorne

2013 should bring about a few changes in our household, all good we hope. To retire or not is the biggest decision right now. I love your word: HAPPY as it can mean so many things to different people and makes me smile. Happy New Year Kelly & SCT and look forward to your daily posts of inspiration , talented staff and laughs.

Kathy P

Your ideas and layouts are always so awesome, and so inspiring for me! Thanks so much, and I wish you a very HAPPY 2013, full of happiness, love, peace, and health!


Oh, me likey :)

Barbara H

You have inspired me. I really need to clean out my favorites which I continue to hold on to because I can't seem to part with them. This is the perfect way something old, new and borrowed. Great idea.


This is amazing...I love the word Happy falling out of the envelope. The banners, butterflies, balloon all work beautifully and I love the word you chose!

Anita Holmes

Happy 2013 to you and yours!!!
Your page is wonderful and HAPPY !!!! I love it!!
Thanks for sharing, great way to start off the New Year!
I am going to dream up a word today as you inspired me to do...thank you!!!!

Chris R

very very cool. Happy New Year....emphasis on HAPPY. : )


Lovely page!
Happy 2013 to all!

Erica Hettwer

You did it! You just inspired my OLW, I'm going to strive for Happy this year. Thank you, Kelly. I've really been struggling with this. :)

susan kopp

Love this, thanks for the inspiration to start a page and my PL with a full page spread of OLW. Mine is Present....I find I have let time slip by so quickly and I don't remember what happened or any details so this year is the year of being present!

Florence Unrau

I love your Happy page.........no photos........it's something I am going to incorporate in 2013 as I am trying to complete 49 yrs. of marriage/family ( it didn't happen :D) So into our 50th yr. as a couple, I will try again to finish my goal :D.....truly I am :D...check with me at the end of a fabulous 2012!!:b


Funny how things work out. I was just thinking of what my OLW should be... I was down to a few, but as I was reading your post, one stuck one to me... One. Thanks! Not only for this inspiration, but for all the years of inspiration. You are amazing and I look forward in seeing you again in 2013 with our OLW in tow. Gros bisous!

Florence Unrau

Ummmm..........................I meant completing all my photos, not my marriage and family:D hehehe!!!


This page exudes happiness through the screen Kelly. Great word, it's how I'll feel in April when I get to see you again at Crop & Create Winnipeg :D

Amber M.

Very cool layout, indeed, Kelly! I always find you inspirational - thank you! Happy (and I mean that literally :) New Year!


What a great way to start a New year. Thanks for keeping us all inspired.

Renee VanEpps

This sounds like exactly what I need to do! I have so many things that I've bought because I LOVED them, but have never used them. And couldn't we all use some happiness in these tough times?! Hoping yours, mine, and everyone's 2013 is HAPPY & CRAFTY!

Sara L.

Beautiful job! You're a great mentor


Oh how beautiful, you are so talented, thanks for the inspiration and wonderful ideas. Fantastic and Happy New Year,


Beautiful, love it.

Judi Church

Kelly, I love your enthusiasm and I resonate with your words. What a great idea for a layout--something that just makes ME happy! Thansk for sharing and getting our new year off to a great start!!

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