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tammy b

ooo how exciting!


Ooooh, some sort of kit club????

Michelle Liimatainen

OH...MY!!!! I cannot wait to see what this is!!! Digital editions of crop and create???? Online crops??? So exciting!

Kathy Skou

C&C on demand????

Becky Fleck

Professor Plum, in the library, with the candlestick. :)

Sorry, the excitement just overtook me! LOL


OOH does this mean maybe if we're too far away we can still get crop & create?? Can't wait to find out on Tuesday!!

Kathy P

Hmmm....I like that last idea posted by Brenda....online crop and creates? I always want to come to your events, but of course, not possible!!!! Feel like I am missing out!!!! 3 days to wait.....


So exciting!!

Pamela McGillin

Maybe it's more like a kit club or a kit club with an online crop... yup, that would be sweet!



Kim Thomas

I can't wait to see what you have for us. :)

Ruth G

Sounds great! I'll be sure to pay close attention!


Looks exciting....I love surprises...can't wait till the reveal.

Anita Holmes

Very exciting to anticipate. I hope it's a kit club!!!

Regina M. Hamilton

Sounds like a kit club to me....

Laura G

we find out only on TUESDAY????!!! ack!! lol..The suspense!

Cindi Reyes

I can't stand it! I want it NOW! C'mon you guys. When will we know and get to join?


Looking forward to seeing what this is all about!! :)


Card Kits? ohh la la

Elizabeth P

Torture, I tell you, torture !

Melanie P

Do tell!! Waiting, oh the waiting!!

Mary Lou Nielsen



sounds so nice : maybe an on-line workshop with a kit? do tell us all about it!!

Dorina D

Looks like a fun surprise - very intriquing and exciting. Can't wait to see!

Twila Young

Sounds very interesting :)

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