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Bonnie Cooper

love this... it's free! it's cute! it's flexible in it's ability to display or just organize.. Thanks so much!

Carol Mc

This is great. Thank you.

Sara L.

very nice tip!! thanks for sharing :)

Grisel Blanco

Pretty cool! (:


OMG - Such a great way to store washi!!

I'm going to try this out as soon as I get home!

Thank you!!

Becky Fleck

Awesome idea, and so pretty, too! Thanks Virginia :)

Christine Kiehl

Wicked cool idea to store and recycle! I love Earth too!!!

Anita Holmes

I am going into my Happy Room right now and doing this....because, like you, I too saved those tubes for a someday project!!!!!
Thank you for sharing, I love this!


How about an empty paper towel center?

Annette Allen

wow that is a great idea..thanks for sharing..

Ruth G

Awesome! Clever and inexpensive! Love!!! TFS!


Great idea! I guess I'll have to buy some wrap instead of gift bags to get an empty roll. Oh, I could probably use paper towel rolls instead. Thanks for sharing your tip!

Brandy Williams


Jean A Marmo

Love this!

Chris R

What a great tip!


Virginia, I could kiss you. Washi tape is like laundry. It multiplies when you're not watching. I bought one of the holders, but I still had more tape. This will work GREAT! As I said, big kisses to you - Mmmwaaa

Connie Teter

This is a great idea. I knew those rolls always had a use. Thank you

Cindi Reyes

So cute AND economical! Thank you. Love the rhinestones at the bottom! I may use buttons!

Laura G.

OOOOOHHH!!!!! I LIKE!!! ALOT!!! Thanks! This is INGENIOUS!!! (and cheap! Hubby will be thrilled!lol)

Karen M

Great idea, thanks for sharing. Since we save money because we are recycling we could buy more washi tape!

Donna Rawbone

a fantastic idea. I am going to do this tomorrow.

Kim Thomas

Great idea! Thank you for sharing. Take care. :)

JoAnn B.

Great idea. thanks for sharing.


What a brilliant idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing and your clear instruction :)


how cool! neat idea :)

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