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Kathy Skou

Absolutely fabulous...I'm one that hides if my hair isn't perfect, if I'm in sweats...you name it. But she is so right, no one sees that stuff, just us. Such a great reminder of what is really the important thing. Thanks for sharing! (ps...pics of me in a bathing suit will still be a no no, but for the rest, bring it on)!

Brenda B.

Thanks for sharing this. What an eye opener!

Bobbi- Lynn

What a terrific post!! She is so right. We are so hard on ourselves and hurting us as a result. Our kids won't care in years to come how we looked, just that we were there beside them in the picture

Nicole N.

Just read it and seriously had tears in my eyes - Even as a bigger girl, who does take a lot of photos of herself, I was moved. We are all hardest on ourselves and still such an eye opener. Thanks for posting this!

Kathy P

She has an awesome self-worth attitude....I love it! She puts me to shame...and because of her, I am jumping in front of the camera more. I'll hate it, but I am gonna do it. . .maybe one day I will feel like she does, but in the meantime, I will get some shots to document ME! Thanks for posting this!

Stephanie Bonin

She hit the nail on the head. I think she was talking about me.

vicki dutcher

Well linked to a fabulous message - and so very true. TFS this!!

Linda Johnson

Right on! Thanks for sharing.


Thank you to her for the new perspective she gave me from this amazing message!!

JoAnn B.

Great reading and so true. Thanks for sharing.

karen conner

I loved it. Shared it on my facebook page.

Anita Holmes

This one hit home...was so moved with tears rolling down my face. Thank you so much for sharing.

Debbie Carter

Wow, this is so true. Thanks for sharing.

Chris R

shot to the heart! Wow I needed to hear that. Thanks for sharing.

Ruth G

Great find, Beth! I have been consciously trying to "get in the picture" whenever possible. My mother never wanted her picture taken and so I am that child without pictures with my mom. Thanks for the reminder to make sure we are documented and remembered as we are, too!


What an aha moment. I want to send a link to this to someone but don't want them to be offended! I think they could really embrace this piece.

Diana Pyeatt

Thank you for sharing this rare and precious treasure. She wrote about all of us...and, I feel so guilty for leaving so few pictures of myself for my family. A perfect example of this was my first husband and father of my children. He spent a few years as a photographer, and was always behind the camera. Whenever I tried to get a picture of him, he would turn away. Consequently, the last time a picture was taken of him, he was walking out the door with his back to the camera. He died. My children and grandson have very few images of him. I don't want to make the same mistake.


Great article. Makes a person really think about what is important. I hate having my picture taken especially since I have gained weight due to medications I take. I have always been thin and hate the way I look now. I will try my best to get in on the pics whenever I am able.

Amber M.

I don't like having my picture taken because of my weight. But when my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago, I decided to smarten up and put on my best for the camera. If she - feeling sick and not looking herself - could do it with grace, there was sure no reason for me not to. I am so glad I did - because now that my sister is gone {insert heartbreak here}, I have many photos of our wonderful times together. Say cheese when someone has their camera out - people you love will always be deeply appreciative that you did. Hear, hear, Teresa!

Janet Sisk

Great post! Thanks for sharing it with us. :D

Andra Donbrook

Oh my! Well written and very true. Thank you so much for sharing that!!! I really needed to read it.


TracyM #6773

I had read this post earlier this year and YES - it was a wake-up call for me!!!
I have ALWAYS been the one on the other side of the camera and since then have TRIED to be part of the memory making too. ... I've not been too good on sticking with my new mission and it is still hard to be on the other side of the lens but today you have given me another reminder that we all need to stop thinking & worrying - we need to JUST DO IT - thank you for sharing :)


WOW this is just what I needed and I'm so glad you pointed the way! Too often I am guilty of hiding behind the camera due to the weight I've gained over the last year and I needed the reminder that my kids and hubby won't care but just want me in the pictures with them! Thanks so much for sharing this and for giving me the reminder I need!

Dorina D

Wonderful article and so true about many of us. I've always hated having my picture taken. We need to be more like little kids and let our pictures be taken while having fun and not hide behind the camera. It's a great reminder to be part of life's celebrations and not behind the lens.


Fantastic article and sooo true. Wish lots more would see this too, and hopefully before somethig happens to open their eyes, cause it´s really sad, that there has to be an ugly accident before some people understand it.
A really beautiful article, that every girl in the world ought to read.
Have a wonderful day everyone, no matter how you looks.

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