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I have a set of cards ready to go!! Gathering them to ship off to you! What an amazing, inspiring, profoundly exciting and wonderful thing for my fave site/mag to do. Kudos!! - Mom to five, Ottawa, ON

Michelle Liimatainen

AWESOME!!!! I am going to try to organize a card making party at my house for my daughter and her friends. I know they would LOVE to help with this! :)

Josie Lajeunesse Lombardi

What a wonderful, wonderful idea. Time to get crafting.

Kim Thomas

Just awesome! I think it's a great idea for kids to feel like they are able to do something. Thank you for caring. I make cards for Operation Write Home, and I'm going to set up a craft night at our local studio. Thanks again. Take care. :)

Nicole N.

What a wonderful idea and great cause!!


I just love this idea!!
If I can plant a bug in your ear to make cards for our war vets who are in hospitals or nursing homes. They don't get much mail & could use a perk up too.
Will do my best to help out -it's on my "to-do" list.
Hopefully we can take off out rubber boots (from all our rain) and enjoy some time outside, eh?
Hang in there!!!


What a wonderful idea! I am actually having a card-making crop on 6/14 for fallen veterans' families and I will definitely ask the ladies if they want to tackle this cause next. My friends are so generous and kind with their time, efforts and resources, I certainly think we can put a small dent in that 1,000 number. :) Thanks for letting me know about this!

Cécile Lavoie

What a great idea! It's easy and fun to make! I'm on.

Cindy L

My sons are always so excited to make cards for their friends' birthdays and I just know they will be super into this idea. They have both had hospital stays and know what a special place children's wards are. Thank you for being the go-between.

Sandra L.

Count me in. What a fantastic idea and funny I was just talking to my daughter about doing cards using a image I just purchased that would be perfect.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Count me in. Will have to wait until mid-June to start working on them. Summer Break just started and I'm getting organized now. :D

Jean Bullock

Sounds great. I will be on vacation soon and will get started.


I will get right on this. and pass the word onto my other scrapping buddies!

Lorraine Melin

This is a wonderful cause. Love that we can help you in this way. I'm spreading the news, too!


LOVE it! After having a dear friend and her 12 y/o spend 4 months in VAncouver Children's Hospital, I wanted to find a way to encourage! Now to bookmark this so I can find it!


I saw this post a little while ago and have been busy making cards and promoting the cause of my blog. Such a wonderful idea! So today I have packaged up 12 cards and mailed them off to you! Thanks for coordinating this initiative!!


Thank you Laurie! That is wonderful!

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