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Janet Zeppa

I am just so blessed to still have my Dad in my life as he is 87 years young!

Sandi Pressley

I am blessed to still have my Dad with us as he is 81. My favorite thing about him was how he took us on family vacations every year and instilled in me the love of traveling.

Jennifer Scull

these cards are wonderful!

my dad has been gone for over 20 years now, but he always encouraged me to do my very best the first time out. he loved me just for who I am, and that means so much to me even now.

thanks for the special trip down memory lane. :)


Fabulous cards Becky!
I am blessed to have two dads (after my parents both remarried) and I am grateful for all the love that both of them share with me!


These are so fantastic!!!

Jean Bullock

Wonderful card. The typewriter card is my fav. Love how you popped the layers and it looks like the paper is really coming out of the typewriter.

Tara k

So grateful for my husband and the father that he has become. He would give the shirt off his back for anyone that i asked him too.

Laurie H.

Love these cards. I am blessed to have a wonderful dad!

Kelly Massman

wow! great cards!! love the dies! My favorite memory of my dad is that he can do just about anything! Thanks for a chance to win!


Love these cards and the dies. Love Spellbinders!! My favorite memories of my Dad were the one on one talks we would have. Oh they weren't too often as I am the eldest of 7. But I hold them dear and I miss him so much.

Cindy L

Ooohhh I love the jean pocket. I'm definately gonna get my hands on that! Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

tina mayo

He is always there for me no matter what I have done...unconditional love.!

Cynthia Edwards

These cards are so very cute and could be used for many different things. My dad liked to play rummy with his kids and grand kids and I miss very much.


Beautiful cards... i love my dad and i know he loves me too even though he does not know how to express it.

Rose Stannell

Love the cards.....My favorite memory of my dad is when he taught me to ride my bike. I shall always remember that.


OMGoodness these are GORG!!!! LOVE the typewriter one so much! What I love most about my Dad is his humor and jovial nature. Haven't seen him in 8 years, miss him so much!!!

Laura G.Turcotte

My fave thing about my guy is that he's not afraid to get down and play with the kids. He doesn't care who's around, or watching, or how it might make him look. If his DD wants to put bows in his hair, he'll let her. He's even went to the store with his nails bright pink---he didn't care. He loves her. And I love him for that!

Cynthia B.

Awesome cards! My dad hasn't been doing all that great lately, but I remember when we were all younger, my favorite thing about him was watching him play with my kids. He would just light up around them, and watching them smile together was priceless!
I also have to mention that my own husband is a wonderful dad. I love the way he can make us all laugh - and yes, even cringe - with his corny jokes. :) I'm blessed to have some pretty cool dads in my life. Hope everyone can celebrate and remember their dads this weekend. :)

Lynne in NI

My dad was always full of encouragement and unconditional love for his children. He died 10 years ago, and I miss him terribly.
Great cards, I especially love your 'one of a kind' set of ties.

sharon L

Love that pocket!! Dad was a longline trucker gone for days and days at a time When he would get home it would be quite an event. He always had a piece of Juicyfruit gum in his pocket. Now I'm talking about even in my high school and college days. He is/was one special guy. Love ya Dad.

Kathy P

My 5th year without my Dad....I would do anything to have one more day with him! He was such an amazing man.
Love your cards, Becky....the ones with just the bit of pp really stand out...love those ties!

Dorina D

Fabulous cards and I love that die set. The moustache is so cute as are the tie and bowtie. My dad had such a great sense of humor and loved kids and was always up to playing whether it was baseball, badminton or cards. As good a dad as he was, he was an even better grandfather. We have all missed him and his smile every day during the past 4 years.

Melanie L.

Even though my dad came from the time when women took care of everything in the home (he just turned 82), he always did the laundry, the vacuuming, and the grocery shopping. He has never been much of a talker, but we could always tell that he loved us through his actions. Happy Father's Day to my dad and to all the dads out there!


Fathers Day is in Septemebr in New Zeland but my Dad had a birthday this weekend. I wrote him a note to say thanks for all that he does for me (he does a lot of manual stuff for me so that I can do as much as I can in life inspite of my disability!)

Mary-Anne V.

I am very fortunate to have my Dad come and visit me and my family here in the States and take on the 9 hour drive from Canada each time. this year we were blessed to celebrate Father's Day with him. He is a very hardworking man and very loyal to his family.

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