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Ruby C

These are some really fun cards! The tie card is my favorite. It reminds me of my Dad. He only wore a tie when he dressed up. He was so handsome and definitely one of a kind. His smile could light up a room and he laughed with his whole heart. He taught me how to tell time, how to ride a bike and that no matter what, he and my Mom would always love me.

Lisa Federspiel

Adorable cards and fun die set!!
I couldn't ask for a better father to my kids, he's the best!!


My "put-a-smile-on-my-face" memory of my dad was when he would teach me and my brothers how to swim! He would put us in the strap of his undershirt and would drag as around the public pool, shouting "kick, don't forget your arms, kick!!". The edge of the pool was very high and and he was a tall man, so he had to bend down while dragging us. Thanks, Papa!!

Carla Hundley

Nice cards today.
My honey is so sweet and
always taking care of me
and makes life wonderful!
Wishing all a Happy
Father's Day.
Carla from Utah


My favorite thing about my dad is how he makes me laugh! He's always had a great sense of humor!

Jeniff Sthory

I would love to win this!! He's a wonderful dad, I love him, always care of us, is loving. Sorry for my bad english.

Yvonne Williams

I love the bow tie card. So adorable. My husband is the one I spent the day with and he is a wonderful father to our blended children.

Valorie Matthews

Great cards, and fantastic day to show them off. There are so many things about my dad I could saybut I would defintely run out of paper to tell them all, he is 81 and still going strong, he has beat cancer back in 88', 27 years in the 82nd Airborne, 2 wars, Vietnam and the Korean , helped raised 6 children, and 12 years laying cable in the Pa. mountains!!!They honored him on flag day and it was well worth it and long time coming. I am proud to be his daughter and proud that he was willing to sacrifice his life for his country!!!!I could go on and on but I will stop hear. These cards are really awesome and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to win these die cuts!!!!HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL OUT THERE TODAY!!!!!!


I love the "Dear Old Dad" die cuts. My dad was not perfect, but either was I. He thought me a lot. I find I'm doing things the way he did it. I loved him very much. Someday I'll be able to see him heaven.that will be a great reunion.


I love your cards--great idea and very easy to make!!! Even though my husband has never had kids of his own, he has become a very special "dad" to my two grown-up children and a "grandad" to our four grandchildren. He is a very kind man and we all love him very much.


Awesome Dad cards you have created! Cool dies to die for!


Love the "One of a Kind Dad". Would love the die cuts.

Carmen Mobbs

Love these cards! Spellbinders dies are awesome but this one rocks as there are so few things available for men.
My Dad died when I was 10 yrs. old but I have found memories of him taking me everywhere he went. He was a quiet,gentle man who loved mom & my brother & sisters dearly. I am blessed to have a husband who also loves his family very much.

Amber M.

Great cards (as always), Becky! My dad passed away when I was very young (15), and I have always regretted that my girls don't have a grandpa. Thankfully they have an amazing dad! My husband is very patient, kind, thoughtful, and selfless.


I love the card. I love my dad; he taught me the value of things in life. There is not a monetary value you can put on these things. I am a successful person because of him. Thsnks dad.

jacqueline leach

whoa...adorable. Thanks for sharing this adorable card!!! Neato die set!


Great cards! I love that die set!


Oh my goodness, when I saw the tie die cut I flipped. I have handcut ties and found it very frustrating, this would make my life so much easier with all the men in my life. I would love to win this collection, thanks for the chance, this 'Dear old Dad' die cuts from Page Maps for Spellbinders. Love love love their products.


Wonderful card ideas - always find it hard to cards for men. Great inspiration.

Sue D

Love all these cards. I miss my dad--he passed away last August from dementia. He always supported me and was a source of advice.


My Dad has been dealing with heart failure the past couple of years and to watch a man of 81 have to slow down and smell the roses has been a process. Lol. Why? because he was a man who never stopped for anything and was always so active. From being a logger to a fisherman and everything in between he always did everything with so much zest and enthusiasm for life. Having a family of 11 will do that to you I guess. But all in all, he has always been a statue of virtue, good work ethic, determination, and just a love for life and all that was in it. Including his big family, love was never lost on us and it still remains the same today. He so wants us to go home this summer but with a new job that isn't happening. I write this with some uncertainty because no one knows what tomorrow will hold, but being apart really makes one appreciate the people you love so much more. He is doing much better these days, slowing down a lot, but now my Mom gets what she wants.....the man of her dreams at her side many times during the day. Thanks for allowing me to share SCT.

Jacqui McCusker

What fabulous ideas!! I am not familiar with the die-cut aspect of scrapbooking yet, but seeing these cards and what can be done with them...I think that I need to check this method out!

Kelly Braund

My Grandpa was like a dad to me my whole life and what I loved most about him was watching him with my kids playing on the floor with toys!

Pam Martin

Great ideas for both Scrapbooking and Card creation. Love it!

Helen Van Daalen

Great cards! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!

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