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Natalie (QSOgirl)

This is awesome. My daughter isn't even two yet, but I'm absorbing all of these great ideas to use when she does start school. And hey, maybe sometime I should go back and organize my *own* school stuff this way :)


What a pity, such kind of idea didn't cross my mind when I was styding at the university. Great project, fantastic way to keep memories! Thanks for sharing!

Debby J

Thank you for the ideas-I have to scrap albums for my 26 and 32 year old "kids" from their pre-K to high school. I have everything together it was just a matter of getting it into albums, but with your ideas, I may just tackle them this summer and get it done. Thanks again.

Lynn Davis B.

This is great! I may try to do something like this for our 50th class reunion next year. Thank you for the step-by-step instructions.

crafty grandma

My daughter will be turning 39 this April. I have started sorting out all her 'goodies' from school and plan on giving it to her for her 40th!! I am also planning on doing one for each of the grands - ages 4, 7, and 12!(A bit easier) Thanks for the inspiration and great ideas!!

Tracey Falconer

Such great ideas! TFS.

Jana Z

This is wonderful!!! I have been trying to work out a system and I LOVE this! Thank you so much for sharing - and for giving me a summer project! :)

Teresa Horner

Laura this is awesome and I love how you did all the extra pockets. Thank goodness I still have time to do this for my kids.. Thanks so much for the idea :) Awesome!

donna c

WOW! That's an amazing project! I can't even imagine going back and doing all that now. My youngest is 19! Good for you Laura, and great inspiration for those of you with young ones to get started early!!! :)


I NEED to do this !!!! Thanks for the inspirations !!!

Ruth G

I love seeing how you use the different kinds of pages within the school scrapbooks! I never would have thought to use a letter sized page protector for those things that are letter sized (my albums are post bound, so I have to see if that will work with them). So much better than scrapping something that's almost filling the page anyway!!! I know I've seen posts on your blog about this and it just now got through to me...Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Eileen Van Dyke

I so needed this last year at this time!! I have the sme albums and had started years ago but never gotten past pre-school. My daughter graduated from high school in May and I wanted to get them done for her party, so I spent the year completing her albums - 6 in all!! Now just trying to find space to store them :)


My last child will be a HS senior this yr. While reading the post, I was thinking that it's too late to do this for him. I changed my mind after reading some of these comments. If someone is putting together a school album for a 40th bday, it's not too late for my senior!


I LOVE this! With Louis-Olivier starting school in September, I will definitely do something like this to keep all of his things in. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Anabelle O'Malley

Awesome books! I need to start doing something like this. Right now all of my son's things are in a paper bag!

Emily Muto

This is so awesome!! I am 8.5 months preggo and the other day my husband and I got sad thinking about sending our daughter off to her first day of kindergarten haha! My mom saved all my stuff from K-12 in some file boxes that I enjoy going through, but these albums look so clean and awesome and easier to go through - I want to do the same... in a few years :) Thanks for sharing!!

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