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Nicole N.

I will totally use this tip! Smart :)

Jean Bullock

Thanks for the great tip. I don't think Golf and Dance are an odd combination. You need to know how to dance when you win a round of golf. :-D

Laura G.Turcotte

What a great idea! thanks for the tip! I love Summer's work---she's so inspiring! (All of the DT's work inspire me) ;)

Kim Thomas

First I want to say that I love your layout. It's awesome. Summer, you are always an inspiration. I also wanted to thank you for the great tip. I put my letter stickers on wax paper and move it around but I love the idea of making grid lines, brilliant! Thank you for the inspiration. Take care. :)

JoAnn B.

Fabulous layout. Thanks for the tip, this is a great idea.

Kathy P

Great title idea, Summer! Love your work!

Pamela McGillin

Hi Summer, I usually use my wonderful Zero Hero centering ruler, so transferring is easy. How do you transfer from the packaging to your page?

Dorina D

Fabulous layout and a great tip for title placing. Love it. Can't wait to try that in the future. Thanks for sharing.

Summer Fullerton

Hi Pamela I actually started off placing letters on my Tim Holtz clear ruler (shown in one of the photos) but as my titles grew I expanded to the plastic packaging. I use a paper piercer (one of my must have tools) to move my letters around.

Jean Marmo

Love the layout! Thanks for the tips!

Nicole Doiron

Awesome tips!!!

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