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Lori Ulrich

I sent this note of encouragement out to a fellow church member, Beth, who just left home for her first year of college! They grow up TOO quickly!

Becky Fleck

I just sent it to Lev, our photo editor, who makes all of the images in all of our print publications look so darn fantastic! :)

Jean Marmo

I have a thank you note to going to a company who sent me a prize.

Tammy McCullars

I have sent two cards of thanks to my staff who I can't get done the things I need to get done at work without their help every day! Luckily, the three of us love to stamp so we have fun in our off hours too!


I am sending out a good luck card to a family friend who has had a very rough summer injuring his leg ( almost severing it) being in ICU, and the hospital, having extreme infections and an alergic reaction to the VAC that was healing his leg. He is moving his treatment out of town to where he attends University because he does not want to miss school! He is an inspiration and true kind soul too!


Oh and forgot to mention he loves my creations! He keeps every card I make for him!

Kathy P

This is so exciting. Have it on my calendar, with an alert to remind me to order on 10/15!!

Kathy P

Oh, and I forgot...I am making a card to send to my sweet friend Teresa in Oklahoma!!!

Iris Soscia

Just mailed a card I made to a member of my church.

Karen aka soccerboyzmom

Sent 3 cards to my former teacher friends ( Phebe, Janine, & Amy) to thank them for their many years of teaching and being my friends and making the effort to keep it going.


cannot wait for that calendar!!!!! looks yummy!!

Amber M.

I am in LOVE with the new sketchbook and calendar ... !!!! Thank you for constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to inspire and challenge us :)


I LOVE the calendar! Love it! Card....Jenn


Just finished a get well card for my friend Anne who just had surgery. Best part, I used the "scraps" from Crop & Create Delivered: Summer 2013 - that delivery just keeps on going!!!


Sent a card to the folks who looked after our place/critters while we were away for much needed holidays!

Angela A

I am sending a note to Ashley.


Sending off a card to a friend who just had surgery.

Have to mark Oct 15 on my daytimer to pre-order the 2014 sketch calendar. Great Christmas gift that continues giving all year.


I sent off a Thinking Of You card to Jane, who is fighting cancer.


I´m just this moment making a card to hand over to my daughter, who I´m taking to the hospital in 2 hours to have the last examinations before she gets the verdict Ovarian cancer, but she have had 2 biopsi´s, so we already knows, it wount be too good news, so she sure needs to be cheered up as she´s really scared right now, and I sure wount blame her,. She´s way too young, only 28 and with 2 small kids, so this has really turned all our worlds upside down, and I can see, that I need to be the strong part here and pull the wagon throug, but I hope my card can help her to at least in her mind decide, that we ofcause can gfight this if we all fight together and she has so much to fight for.

Taunya Butler

I sent a note of encouragement to LaRue a widow in our neighborhood!! She has been on my mind alot lately and I thought she should know that I was thinking of her!!

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