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I use (and love) Becky's sketches because I think they make my pages flow better. They take the guesswork out of them. Page design isn't my forte. So, next best thing... sketches. I am always happy with the end result.


I absolutely love PageMaps and use the sketches for inspiration and have used several of the sketches to make SB pages of my kids. I am so excited about pagemapsU and look forward to checking out some of the classes. Thanks for the chance to win a free class.

Kathy P

I have used Becky's sketches since they initially came out! I never can go wrong...they let me jump into the creative process with a plan, and I love how my pages turn out, each and every time! Fabulous inspiration, and thanks for the chance to win a seat in this great class!

Stacie P.

I use sketches when I have a mental block and need that inspriation to get a layout done. I am currently working on my wedding album and those sketches sure come in handy. I love the opportunity to win a free class. Thanks.

Robin D

I love PageMaps! With 2 little kids I don't get much time to scrapbook so when I do I want to create pages without having to think too much about it. The full instructions and measurements make that possible. Thanks for the chance to win!

Sarah D

I like sketches because they give a starting off point. The blank page can be a little intimidating, so a friendly help in the right direction is always welcome!! Thanks.


I love, love, LOVE PageMaps sketches. I use them all the time. Thanks for the chance to win a spot at PageMaps U!


I find Becky's sketches an amazing source of inspiration, and they're so versatile. Page design is a big issue with me (still not 100% sure how to do it sometimes), and I used the card maps, too! It's cutting down the time "wasted" on design/mulling over what to place where.

Downloaded the Taster Session already, just haven't had a chance to look at it yet.

Thanks for the chance to win the free class. :)


I love these inspiring sketches because they take away the design thinking part and leave more time for playing around , I do give them a personal twist though, , thanks for a chance to win a class.

Sandy L

I love using sketches to start my pages. It truly helps me to decide how many photos and which papers to begin with. I do use it as a guide, veering off as I see fit. I don't start many pages without a sketch - and I have several sketch books right at my desk for easy reference. I would be THRILLED to take this class... any chance I have to better my scrapping, I will jump at. Thank you so very much for the chance to attend!

Susan Mac Donald

using page maps is like making a coffee for my husband in the morning!


Was introduced to PAGEMAPS a long time ago, loved it then and still do. I often look for inspiration with the fab sketches 💗💗💗


I use it all the time as a starting point. I don't necessarily stick to it, but it helps me see where to place things, add embellishments, etc.

Dee Hamoen

I love using the sketches because they make me think outside my comfort zone, and I don't slip back into the same old, same old layouts I always do! I like the fact that as I became more comfortable using them, I also became more comfortable with tweeking them to accomodate my pictures...I would be very excited to win...we all need to be life-long learners, don't we???

Karen aka soccerboyzmom

The pageMaps are an inspiration starter for me. Sometimes I use it exclusively and others put my personal spin on it.


I don't do much scrapbooking but PageMaps does give me some ideas for my greeting cards. Any new inspiration I can get is always appreciated.

Kim S (nerdgrl)

Even when my mojo is running full steam, I can always use more inspiration...or a least a starting point so my LOs don't start to look the same. I love how one can adapt the sketches to any topic one might be scrapping. Would love to win!


I love the clean look of them. Sketches are great when I'm stuck and don't know where to start.


I love using Becky's sketches! I use them as a starting point when I'm stuck and for inspiration on photo placements when I feel like I keep doing the same layouts or cards.

Jill Frank

Love Becky and Page Maps! Somedays I'm very creative, somedays I'm not. Thank you Becky for the Sketches!!!!


I love Becky's Page Maps for helping out when I am not feeling particularly organized or creative!

Val P

I can sit for hours and just get more confused. Then I turn to Becky's Page Maps and it gets my creative juices flowing! Val from IL.

Linda Johnson

Page maps are just the inspiriration I need to get started. Then I can create from there !

Kim Thomas

PageMaps completely changed the way that I scrapbook. It gives me a fresh start on my layout and always opens my eyes to new possibilities that I don't think of just moving the pictures around on paper. My layouts look stagnant without that sketch. Thank you so much for the chance to win a spot in this class. It sounds so exciting. Take care. :)

Leslie Kiley

I so need a shot of inspiration and I am sure this class would do it! Love to win! Thanks for all the wonderful inspiring blog posts.

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