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I have not looked inside this issue yet, but the cover alone says "Look at Me!". I love the color choices.

Cindy B

I can't wait to download this issue to see what goodies and inspirations lie on each page!


I would love to win an issue. I'm looking for a new print magazine with greeting card ideas.


Yes please. It looks awesome.

Tami Johnson

Looks great! Fall is upon us!

Jennifer Jones

New to the magazine and LOVE IT!!!!


Love the inspiration in the magazine! Thanks for the chance to win. :-)

Laura G.Turcotte

Very excited to have this in my own crafty hands!!!!!!


Love the cover. Can't wait to look inside.

Andrea Garland

Congrats on your 31st issue, love your magazine and the card maps magazine too. Thanks for the chance to win and be inspired.

Annette Garrison

So many nice ideas

Kailash Naidoo

Would love to win a copy! Thanks so much!!

Brenda Lilley

Found you on Pinterest and I am really glad I did! Can't wait to explore this newest edition. Thanks for the opportunity!!!


Attractive fall cover! Can't wait to download a copy. I would love to win a print copy, thanks for the chance!


Can wait to view! This is my most favorite months
of the year! Love the colors!

Kate R

Would love to win a copy!!! Love slowly going thru the pages just sucking up the inspiration.

Holly Wilgus Martin

Yay for 31! Congrats and looking forward to many more issues. Love sitting with my coffee and your magazine.

Marilyn T

LOVE the cover! Can't wait to read the magazine!

Jodi Resnick

I would love to win this magazine! I am both a scrapbooker and carmaker, yet never seen this magazine before. Would love the opportunity!

Rhonda Strickland

You guys are AWESOME!!!!! :o)


I would love to win a hard copy of this magazine. Even the cover is inspirational. Love it.

Lauren A.

Yay! Such delicious inspiration! Thanks for the chance to win! :)


Angela Ke

Oh I would love to be one of the lucky ones to win! Thanks

Joan Tipping

Every copy is a winner and a real inspiration to all scrapbookers. Thanks for the chance to win this magazine!

Karen Horne

You guys always have the best inspiration and I love the sketches that Becky includes in every issue! So happy for your thriving magazine!

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