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Kathy P.

What awesome ideas! Thanks so much, Allison....I am going to try them all out!

Christine Kiehl

Oh this was a super awesome post. I learned a few tips for which I can add to my knowledge crafty mind bank!! Whoo hoo! Her card was a nice mix of the tips too! Wicked!


Very nice card, but a couple of elements not addressed, to wit:

The scalloped shaped was done with some kind of machine I assume which many beginners do not have. What might be another way to get that shape?

I assume you've used pop dots, but you don't mention it anywhere.

The dash marks: we're those done with Sharpie or are those actually stitches with needle and thread (which seems to be quite the rage right now)!

Thanks the lovely card idea and the directions. Even an old timer like me learned a new trick; the cornstarch is a great idea!

barbara macaskill

Wonderful and informative post! Thank you!!

Allison Cope


The scalloped shape is a die from Spellbinders but you also try using some scalloped Deco Scissors and cut around a pencil traced circle. You could also print the scalloped circle shape onto the back of a piece of patterned paper and fussy cut it out that way.

Yes... I used foam adhesive (or pop dots) behind my circle element. You can find this at the dollar store nowadays!

The dashes are indeed just a fine tipped Sharpie dragged along a ruler - super easy! You also use a pin or needle, poke dots in a row and then "connect the dots" with a pen for faux stitching too!

I hope that helps!


Very Nice! And thanks for not having a die cut for this! some of us don't have all those!


Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

karen kemplin

I love how you used all 3 techniques to make your card. Beautiful. Thanks

Michelle w

Fantastic tips Ally. Thank you for that great tutorial!

Rosie Neustaedter

Great tips, I love heat embossing and learned something new in your great tutorial! Thanks!

Deborah Dvorak

Omg this was the best ever teaching I have ever read! Now I completely understand how to emboss!! And I cannot wait to try the bleaching!! Thank you thank you thank you

Judy B

Loved the tips. I especially liked the one about making your own embossing buddy. Any money saved on tools means you can spend it on paper or embellishments, right? lol Thanks for sharing.

TracyM #6773

THANK YOU Allison!!!

Your card looks lovely and your tutorials & top tips were very informative!!!

THANK YOU to Michelle, Denise and Karen - great questions :)

Cheri Goldsmith

This was a fantastic and informative read! I look forward to playing with the bleach method.
So well presented, thank you so much Allison.

Jennyfer L

Wow! This is such an informative post!!! Love it and thank you Alison :-)

Kim JD

Just wanted to let you know that I love Jen's position title! Makes me smile everything I read it!

Nancy Carroll

So informative! Thanks.

Renee VanEpps

Fabulous tutorial and I love the bleaching part, thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing the bleaching technique and use of the embossing buddy. So fun to learn new things to try out!

Kathleen Spaeth

Wow what a wonderful Tutorial! Might I suggest that you purchase a Clorox Spashless Bleach and that you wear an apron and neoprene gloves. This will help cut down on getting your clothes splashed with Bleach. Also, make certain that you properly dispose of the used Bleach too. Here at Home, our Septic System is very sensitive to Bleach so a little goes a long way (and my Husband is always reminding me about not destroying our friendly amebas). You also must be very careful what you mix the Bleach with, so keep it away from any Ammonia based products (or you will create a noxious deadly gas). I just Love the suggestion of using an Embossing Buddy and how to make one of your own. I never realized why it was necessary, until you demonstrated its usefulness.


A really great tutorial, thay I´m sure anyone can follow to create really beautiful cards, and such great pics for it too.


Beautiful card. Love the color, love the bleaching. Great tips shared today....thanks

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