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Gina H.

I have loved everything you do Jennifer from the first time I "found" you! Love your classes! You are an inspiration to all of us.

Laura Turcotte

I think Gina H. summed it all up---You truly are a HUGE inspiration to us!

Manuela B.

Great interview! You're a big inspiration to me Jennifer! Thanks for all you share.


Jennifer, You are such an inspiration to us all!

Nita K.

I think Jennifer is a great person to follow. She is very inspirational and so positive.


Jennifer is the cream of the crop!

TracyM #6773

Jennifer is an AMAZING & SHARING crafter, she has AMAZING talent and is so SHARING of her techniques and tips, like everyone else, I LOVE her work, so it is been wonderful to get to know her better :)
THANK YOU for the TERRIFIC Trend Friend interview Megan!!!


Jennifer is such an amazing crafter! Glad to learn more about her!
Hugs, Debbie!

Beatrice Lawson

If you have not tried her classes, you are missing put big time. She is fantastic. And her videos are so addictive my boy, who has otherwise Little interest in my crafting, often asks at night before bed to watch a Jen video. She is that good. And then he tells me You must get those inks/stamps/tools, mom.
Thank you Jennifer! I would love it if you would do a special on your video filming process. You do so many and they are perfect, it would be great to see your setup, camera etc.

Amy Coose

She's one of my all time favorite crafters, loved reading more about her.


I can't wait to see more of Jennifer's new craft room! It looks like it should be in a magazine!

Renee V.

You are both awesome :)

Charity Donaldson

I love how inspirational her videos are and am so happy when Jennifer says "I would never start a card over" because it helps me look past my own "oops" moments to see how I can make it better or "on purpose." Thanks for everything you do!

jennifer mcguire

you all rock. big time. THANK YOU!!! xo

Rachel K

Love that Jennifer! She's an amazing teacher and crafter. Great interview. :)


You are a constant inspiration to me Jennifer. I am teaching papercrafts in Mongolia where very little is currently done or even known and most here do not know enough English to do your online classes or even read your blog. I am trying to make videos in the local language and to produce them as well as you do is what I aspire to. I think someone has already asked but if you can find opportunity to share information and hints on how you make your videos it would be really helpful.
Thank you. Praying for you that God will bless you in all you are doing.

Jeannine H

Jennifer is an amazing talent. Love her cards. I don't know where she gets all the neat ideas! Thanks for sharing a bit more about yourself on SCT's blog.


I can't say enough wonderful things about Jennifer! She's a constant inspiration, as well as being genuine, friendly and supportive. So glad that she's part of the cardmaking/paper crafting world!


You're so right, Megan - what a treat reading this interview with Jennifer! We are all so blessed to have her in this industry!

Judy Nowlan

Jennifer, I enjoy being one of your followers and have learned so much from you.....thanks for sharing your talents!


So talented and the best teacher ever ! And so nice. :)

Katie B.

Great interview and discussion! I love looking at Jennifer's blog and now more than ever find myself looking forward to a post each day when I get to the computer. I am so glad she chooses to share with all of us. Seems like a wonderful and honest lady. And I will correct her and say that she is a true artist. :) Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

jennifer mcguire

thanks, everyone!

Dottie J

I have said this before, but Jennifer brings a lot of creative joy into my life through her blog and Online Card Classes. She is a gifted teacher and encourager, and I can see just how those 2 areas of giftedness go perfectly with her life and vocation as a card maker and blogger. Also, just knowing that this sweet sister and I share the same faith and love the same Lord makes it more special. Thanks again, Jennifer. You are truly a gift!

Carol Mc

Great interview. Love the new studio.
Beautiful family photo.

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