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I appreciate all that I have learned from Jennifer's blog and videos. I couldn't agree more with what she said about how it is important to talk about the struggle for balance between home and work;it is a way to support and help others because it is something most all of us experience. Thanks for a fun and informative interview!

janet wilson

Jennifer is the epitome of "creativity", I have followed her for years and hope to for many more to come! I love learning from her and reading about her sweet, sweet family :)


Awesome interview. Jennifer is one of the best crafting teachers out there. She's also responsible for about a third of my crafting purchases (if not more) and 100% of what I love to use. For real-her honesty about products and how to use them is what brings me back to her blog again and again (and why I highly recommend it).


Jennifer- you are so wrong! This interview was NOT boring in the least!
But my one burning question is…what is the source of those fantastic drum ceiling shades
in your craft room? Stunning!

Debbie V

Would love to try Jennifer's classes -- how do I go about doing that? debvasel@gmail.com

Chris in CO

Admiration, Inspiration, Ideas, Instructions…. Thanks!!!!! BTW, I want your studio. :-)


Jennifer McGuire was one of the first online people who caught my attention when I started card making and her online classes are a regular source of inspiration! Thanks Jennifer for sharing your talent and positivity with all of us, I am looking forward to meeting you at SSS Create next month, to be in the same room with all of you is going to be truly remarkable! 😄


I have learned a lot from Jennifer. One of the best lessons is that not every card is going to turn out just the way you wanted. It's a homemade creation - and it is true that the people you give your cards too are very appreciative of the time that went into them! Several people in my life have told me that they never throw away my cards. After my father died and we were preparing to sell the house, I found cards that I had sent him in drawers and cubbies all over the house. He never threw them away! That was such a nice thing for me to find.

Jan Shore

I loved it that when you made a card that you ended up not liking very much, you didn't ditch it, merely persevered to the finish with the comment that someone would like it.

BTW, you and your family would love Australia... come on down!

katrine leber (treen)

I enjoy Jennifer so much, I'm addicted to her videos, her blog, and her classes. I have taken many of the online card classes, they have helped me so much. I watch them over and over again, not just for the techniques in the videos, but also I just watch over and over to see how she does regular card making skills, like her foam tape, she has a way of simplifying things, that is very helpful to me. I use foam tape like crazy now. she is good about recommending products, and since she tries everything first, I value her opinion. her wink of stells is something I never would have tried. I'm really hoping we will get a video of her new studio. I cant wait. we will move soon and I want more ideas. thanks Jennifer, you're the Bomb!!!

Darlyne Wagner

I am such a big fan of Jennifer and her art. Her personal life is a light to the world and her art is so inspirational. She always manages to take a technique and elevate it to a new level. I just want to express my admiration for her in every way. God bless, Jennifer!


Great interview! She is a classy lady with immense talent, a generous nature, and a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing!! Hugs, Darnell


I just love Jennifer and her style. She's so encouraging and honest, refreshing change from the current norm.

Lynne Ingram

There is nothing left to add....talent, inspiration, wonderful videos on so many crafty topics. I look forward to everyone of your videos and usually watch them 3 or 4 time so the information will sink in. I go to your web site and visit old videos for more inspiration. You are the best, Jennifer.


Enjoyed the interview, Jennifer. Thank you so much for getting my e-mails back on track. I was truly panicked when I realized I wasn't getting them from either e-mail address. Now, I'm getting 2, but I'll fix that. You're my favorite, of all the bloggers I follow. I learn so much from you.

susan h.

Really enjoy her blog and utube channel. Jennifer goes the extra mile in teaching us all new ways to use our current products and new products. I can say I scrapped in the same room as she did. We both took a class in our local store near Dayton, Ohio. Can't say I scrapped with her as she was at the other end of my table. I was lucky enough to tell her how much I enjoy her creations!

Christine Sudmann

Thanks for the very informative video - and for all the great tipps, ideas and inspiration. I´ve learned tons from Jennifers classes and online videos, thus makes crafting/Cardmaking a very refreshing and relaxing experience for me and I´m extremely grateful for that.

The studio is a dream come true!!!!

patricia p.

Love you the way you are Jennifer. You are a great teacher and we are all so lucky to have you sharing your talents with all of us.
enjoy your family it helps in having a contented life with balance.

Your blog is one of the best places to go so I would suggest you all go to Jennifer's blog. I've learned so much from going there and her tutorials are so easy to follow...even for a senior LOL
Thank you Jennifer for all you do for all of us in your sharing.


What an awesome interview!!! I adore Jennifer and her work. She is truly an inspiration..


I loved reading about the uber talented Jennifer McQuire. Now I feel as if I know a little more about her as a person outside of her art world. What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing.

Staceyloves Paper

Thanks so much for sharing. Your thoughts are so encouraging. I am a huge fan of your work and love all of your ideas. Thank you especially for the sneak peek of your craft room, I am looking forward to the full tour!

Paula Beeten

Hi Jennifer, I am totally addicted to your posts. So far, I can't even erase the ones that I have read and watched.
Question....above you spoke of your new studio..I am curious about the lighting.

Cindy Ohlendorf

Jennifer is truly an honest person. She is not afraid to say if something does not look right or she did not really care for the project. She is full of encouragement and is very honest about products she likes or are her favorites. I was not into card making really that much and once I saw some of her youtubes, her honesty, encouragement, and positive voice was awesome. She truly inspires you to try something and to use old product. Does not always have to be new. The products she has recommended that I have tried, I loved them and I am very thankful for that. God bless you Jennifer and your family.

Angie C. D.

I would LOVE to be your crafty neighbor. Gorgeous studio!


Wow!! That was fun. Thanks for doing the interview. It is so great to have women of faith sharing with each other their lives and talents. This world is a better place because of you. Thanks I appreciate you both!!GBY!!

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