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Frances Perkins

Had some special time with my brother and his wife at our special place here in Maine....

Jean A Marmo

My fave memory is enjoying camfpfires at the cottage with my son and his fiancé!!
such fun!

Carol B

Fab collections, thanks for a chance to win! I have fond memories of summertime fireworks at the beach, so fun!

Carol B


What a scrumptious collection! Thanks for the chance to win! My favourite summer memory is sailing in the North Channel, Georgian Bay last summer. ahhhh <3

Vicki Smith

What amazing collections!
My favorite summer memory was going to Lake Tenkiller and staying with my parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle in cabins and playing Go Fish with my grandmother. Oh, the good old lazy days of summer growing up in OK.

Pat Sakrismo

Favorite summer time memory is my grandson running through the sprinkler I had set up for my flowerbed. Captured it in a picture & the sun was shining just perfectly to create a rainbow!


All 3 collections look awesome. I think my favorite summer memory is going to our state fair with my 2 daughters. They are all grown up now but we still have fun together.

April W

Love these! My favorite Summer memory so far is my daughter's birthday party...we had a great time! Thanks for the chance to win. :)
- April W

Tonya Minth

Fave summertime memory has to be taking my father to Sanibel Island. It was his wish to go there before "he got too old". Not only did we go, but all three of his daughters were able to go, too. We'd never vacationed together before. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Susan Rector Trask

My Mom and I are having lunch with my friend,Gail & her Mom. We met 52 years ago and although our paths have often taken us in different directions, we have been doing our annual lunch for 5 years now. We always take a photo of the four of us to remind ourselves of the special memories that we share and the ones we make each year.

sherry butcher

Love the collection. My favorite memorie is the 4th of July hot dog cook out with lots of friends and new people in the community.

Denise Ward

I would LOVE to win one of these fantastic collations, especially Essence East Coast. My favorite memory happened after a summer storm. I went outside to take pictures of the sunset and was surprised when a firefly landed on my hand. I ended up with a photo of its light glowing as it rested on my thumb. :)

Judith Aitken

Love your collections. My severely disabled son was very unwell and hospitalized for all of July. I always stay with him. We had a fabulous day on the 21st when my daughter brought my grandson up to the hospital for his birthday presents the day before he was 6. He's an amazingly loving and fun wee chap. He had drawn us pictures and we spent a great time building up his lego. It fairly lifted our spirits.


Just our family vacation has come to an end, my favorite memory of this summer together, 10 days without a mobile phone, Internet or similar. Just be together as a family and have fun, but sometimes even discuss to deal in any case together with something. It was simply necessary to bind us together again.

Three very great gains to be drawn, I hope I'm one of the lucky ones so I can just keep this as aspecial vacation .

CU hellerlittle aka Petra
Hope you can understand my bad english - I´m sorry


So far this summer, our favorite memory was watching our niece from another state play in a softball tournament locally. It had been 3 years since we were last at a ball field for kids games, and we really enjoyed it. BTW, her team came in second in the tournament. Thanks for the chance to win some Ruby Rock-it. Those collections are outstanding.

Carla Hundley

Fun giveaway! My
fave so far is
having my family
here for a week
for a reunion in
July! All had a
great time!
Carla from Utah

Jill Rugg

Great collections-my favorite memory so far this summer was driving 7 hours to meet my baby nephew!


Wow!that looks like a great line. My favorite memory so far is the day my son received his grade 12 diploma in the mail! I'm not sure who was smiling more, me or him!


Wow Beyond Generous and such Gorgeous Collections!

Kathy Molina

Wow - these Ruby Rock-It collections are beautiful...I love peaceful colors! One of my favorite summertime memories is when my brothers and I were younger, my parents would load us into the station wagon and we'd take a 2 hour drive to our cottage in Maine...it was always so much fun and relaxing (the days before fancy tv's, cell phones, video games, etc.). We would actually spend time playing outside, going on adventures and, of course, visiting the penny candy store! :)

Christine Kiehl

Huge Collections is right! My favorite summertime memory is when my entire family spent a whole month staying in a rented cabin at a local beach, Whisky Creek Beach. The love of the ocean was a gift from my later mother. To be close to her all I have to do is visit the ocean now. Thanks for the chance to win.

michelle t

Beautiful collections. Thanks so much for a chance to win. I don't have one specific summer memory, I've just enjoyed the slower pace and being with my kids. Michelle t

J. Martin

That's easy. My favorite memory is our trip to Knoebels amusement park in PA. It was our first real vacation as a family and it was as fun as you would hope it would be.

Kim Working

Love these collections. I can see a lot of creativity in the future with all of them. My fondest summer memory would be when we had the great joy of keeping our 2 grandchildren for about 10 days. Our son is a Pastor and he and his wife went on a mission trip to Guatemala. We took pictures of all the things the kids and us did and then each one picked out pictures they wanted and we put a scrapbook together for each one. Working with them on their scrapbooks was probably the best part of it all. Seeing how creative they could be was so much fun.

Kathy Anderson

I love the look of all to these. Would be happy to win anyone.

My favorite summer memory, sitting on the deck with friends at the end of the beautiful day watching the sun go down over the hills.

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