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Valerie Breingan

This is a brilliant idea.I'm doing this today.Its raining all day anyway.Perfect.

Laura Turcotte

OK---That is such a brilliant idea!!!!!

Melitta Ball

Great tip! I also do this with my embossing folders! I write the name, manufacturer, where the accompanying dies are stored (if applicable), size of folder & my own numbering system i.e. #0120 is written in Sharpie on the sample 4.25x5.5" cardstock as well as on the back of that embossing folder so I can easily pull it out of the folder storage box. Each folder is then embossed onto its cardstock & threaded onto the binder ring. This way I can cycle through all of my embossed cardstock samples until I find the one that works best with my project, then I quickly pull out the folder using the information on the sample! Super quick & easy to do as you buy each folder and now no more time killing for me!

Jennifer Scull

what a terrific idea! :)

Judy Stiles

Awesome idea ... definitely will be doing this!

Beth Williams

Or make 2 and use one of the negatives to make a really cool card!


Great idea!

barbara macaskill

I have started to do this many times but always get distracted by the die cuts once I get started!! Someday I will make it through without getting distracted!! LOL


So cool and neat teaching!

Judy McMullen

Terrific idea! Thanks for sharing!!

Amy C.

Awesome idea!

Jean Marmo

So smart!


Definitely going to be doing this.
Thanks for a great tip!


What a fabulous idea!

Iris Soscia

What a great idea for the dies; I have a little baggie of shapes from my punches but had never thought to do anything like this for my dies. Thanks for the tip.


THANK you, so simple but I would never have thought to do that. Great idea.

Dorina D

Love this idea, much easier to create, than a book of filled with a sample of all the die cuts. Love it. And love Melitta's comment about the embossing folders. A great rainy day project.

Heather Thompson

That is an awesome idea!!! I will be doing some reorganizing this weekend.

Lynne T.

I love this idea and can't wait to tackle my collection.

TracyM #6773

I have a gazillion stamps that need sorting and having, just started in the AMAZING world of die cutting, I only have a few dies but I am sure my collection will grow fast, so if I take your tip and get them organised from the start, I will keep on top of things - thank you :)

Kathleen Spaeth

Seriously! You are so smart Becky!! When can you come over and help me start organizing my Craft Room? I need to start this ASAP!!!

Terri Burson

Love it! I always appreciate these kinds of tips!

Mendi Yoshikawa

Love this! I adore organizational projects and finding ways to be more efficient in the long run. I'm totally going to have to do this project sometime soon! :)

Sue Abell

Fantastic! You're a genius! Thanks so much!

Marilyn E

Oh my goodness, what a great idea! Thank you for sharing this awesome idea!

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